How to Grow Business with Translation Services

As the decade passes, industry specifics keep changing. Running a good business requires specific guidelines, new strategies that adamantly helps the business to grow and prosper. If you want to grow your business you need to focus on some of the basic yet comprehendible techniques directly applicable in the market.

Emerging Businesses and Online Presence

To think you can stay home and the world revolves around you, it's not going to happen at all. To understand the international market business translation services are not only useful but also a necessity. Being the source of communication has helped people learn one language and then another.

A lot of scopes are to be covered in translation. Do you want to know to grow your business with translation service? Let's find out;

Target the right clients

To make your international presence known you have to target the right audience. Keep asking yourself. Is it the right product? Or is it what customers will like? What are they want something else? Etc.

Most companies focus their efforts on both, national and international market. It boosts the sales but it's one of the effective mediums of creating a stronghold over the market domain. Hiring a translation agency can help create a people, once the audience starts to buy from you. It means you did something right by choosing to hire a translator (s). A professional team of translator’s help to break the barrier of English Language to any third language (targeting the right clients).

The right combo of translation and localization can help one business to optimize at a larger scale.

More than At Par Value

What is the market value of a business?

The rightful stakeholders, number of shares, selling products and services, all of these factors can make or break the chain of the par value. To compete at the international level, you need to understand the language. Many marketing agencies work around the clock to gain attention. It was not easy to gain international clients overnight.

If work with a translation company they increase the par value of the business. The question arises, how do they do it?

While localizing or translating you cover all marketing domains, especially the social media networks, any platform that presents the opportunity to communicate with people all around the globe lets you market the right audience and automatically boost the sales.

Branding the Image

A new geographical area means a new strategy. Without understanding the niche it is impossible to maximize your business let alone make it successful.

Understand the culture. Translation services companies help you overcome the cultural competency to make a position for a new player. If you hire a team of translators, fluent in the native language, it becomes easier to focus on the audience and the primitive culture as well. For instance, if your business is based on the fashion industry, you will have to cater to the right audience for the right trend. You can't introduce a kimono in Africa or South East Asia as a dress code. But if you introduce the silk (the fabric used to make kimono) and sell it as a midi dress or a long skirt, customers will buy it instantly. Why? Because silk is expensive and high in demand.

Localization also helps to understand this market approach more carefully.

Global Market Research

Business translation services are the best way to induce market research. Conducting customer research can help to understand the customer base. Translation companies get valuable insights to target the rightful audience.

With access to a rightful pool of customers can help you competitively launch the product. Once you make contact with the customer, you can play with market giants in no time. Crafting emails, copywriting, etc. are just the added benefits of hiring translation services.

Final Thoughts

These were just some of the basic aspects if focused can be fruitful for business growth in the future. Was it helpful? You are more than welcome to share your input on having business practices with translation services.

Guest post by Melanie Conroy
Author Bio: Melanie loves to write informative articles about all those things which help people in their routine life. Right now he is writing for a localization services for business people, freelancers and also for foreign people easiness. 

What is BERT Algorithm Update and How It Impacts SERPs?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Google rolling out a new algorithmic update known as BERT which is highly focused on increasing human-like understandability and it is based neural network-based technique.

This may take a week to fully roll out globally and it can change search engine result pages because with this update Google can understand a wide variety of complex words and co-relation between these words. 

For example, the word “bank” would have the same context-free representation in “bank balance” and “bank of the river.” Contextual models instead generate a new representation of every word that is based on the other co-related words that appear in the sentence. Like in the sentence “I check my bank balance,” a unidirectional contextual model would represent “bank” based on “I check my” but not “balance.” However, BERT represents “bank” using both its previous and next context — “I check the ... balance” — starting from the very bottom of a deep neural network, making it deeply bidirectional.

Today’s world needs this kind of technique to make searching more valuable and to make search efficient for every single query. A featured snippet is more likely to affected by this update because this Google update is universal and it is also applied to other languages as well. 

For an SEO point of view, you don’t need to fix anything for this update as you don’t optimize for RankBrain the same as this happened in the case of BERT. The only way to get better visibility on SERPs if your content is useful and relevant for the end-user and until it satisfies the search intent.


Ahrefs Backlink Checker: A Free Tool Every Beginner Should Know?

Did you know Ahrefs is the second most active web crawler and it contains 19.18 trillion links.
It also means that if you can access this huge amount of link database you can build best backlinks for your website without having spending more time.

Ahrefs now allow you to find 100 backlinks for any domain.

But why ahrefs allow this tool to use it for free?

The main reason behind is users looking for free tools to check best backlinks of their competitors and ahrefs want to rank on this keyword, but it is only possible if it is for free that’s why the made this decision.

“free backlink checker” this keyword has 8100/month search volume and now ahrefs ranks #1 for this keyword after making their tool available for free of use only for 100 backlinks.

I think 100 backlinks are enough to rank a keyword and get a decent number of traffic from Google. SEO experts are also agreed if you are having 100 backlinks your chances getting ranks higher are also higher.

If you want to try this tool visit

As image shows the free backlink checker is open and you can use if to find the best backlinks of your competitors.

After searching for the domain, you are prompted with this amazing screen where you can see key matrix to understand the overall domain.

It will show you the URL rating, domain rating, all backlink’s count with dofollow percentage and referring domains also with the percentage of dofollow links.

I can say that is one of the best backlinks checker to check backlinks of your competitors and if you can convert these links for your benefits you must be outrank your competitors.

This is the main tool for that I think every beginner must know.

If you have the budget you can buy a tool or use a trial check full insights to get full leverage of the ahrefs backlinks checker.

Now, More Than 50% of Google Searches Result in No Click

On AUGUST 13, 2019 Rand Fishkin who is the founder of SparkToro and former CEO & Co-Founder of published an article on SparkToro about Google search.

He writes “We’ve passed a milestone in Google’s evolution from search engine to walled-garden. In June of 2019, for the first time, a majority of all browser-based searches on resulted in zero-clicks."

Source: Jumpshot and SparkToro

As the above data shows in June 2019 50.33% of more than 40 million searches in the united states from mobile as well as desktop results Zero click. As we all know Google is more dominant and has no competitor at all even Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Amazon, and others they all are not getting enough search engine share to beat Google Images.

This study also clears some major factors that paid CTR (Click-Through Rate) also rising constantly & searches with zero-click rises too, the end organic SERP’s volume is shrinking in a similar fashion.

Source: Jumpshot and SparkToro

Mobile searches are more effected as we compare to desktop search because of Google shows more aggressiveness in showing ads as well as instant answers of questions (such as FAQ, Knowledge panel and People also ask, etc.)

Rand said “We can see a consistent pattern: organic shrinks while zero-click searches and paid CTR rise. But the devil’s in the details and, in this case, mostly the mobile details, where Google’s gotten more aggressive with how ads and instant answer-type features appear.

Eventually, we don’t know whether this pattern will change but what if it is still consistently happened, I think it is also a worst-case scenario. Google got profits because we don’t have a better alternative of it who can replace it for good. 

Evergreen Best Resources To Learn SEO For Free 2019

Do you familiar with the term SEO? You may hear about it, if not then this unlimited resource of search engine optimization (SEO) is for you to start learning about it. These are the free startup or beginner's guides for everyone who is curious to learn it from basic level to advanced level understanding of how to rank a web page on search engines like Google and Bing.

All guides have been checked thoroughly and are suitable for anybody wanting to learn search engine optimization (or just to get free stuff). These are the best SEO blogs to get you started in this mega industry to get you started on your journey to master web page ranking.

Here are popular blogs to read:

Google Webmaster: This is an official starter guide form Google to understanding the basic aspects of search engine optimization. 

Search Engine Land: It is a hub of SEO. It publishes news and information on every topic related to search and search marketing.

Search Engine Journal: SEJ is by SEO for an SEO company that published strategies in the form of content.

The Moz: It is a very popular site that provides its own tool to analyze and implement better strategies for online marketers.

SEMrush: SEMrush is a SaaS product that is very popular in the search engine marketing community around the word.

Ahref: Ahref's ultimate toolset allows every professional marketer to analyze and implement a wide variety of strategies by using a simple tool user interface.

Search Engine Watch: SEW provides valuable tips and tricks in the form of blog posts with an in-depth analysis of digital marketing trends and news.

Neil Patel: Neil is one of the best digital marketing experts and he shares their experience and knowledge with others via content and videos constantly. 

Backlinko: Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko and as an expert, his site provides great content and strategies about how to rank well on search results.

Quick Sprout: Quick Sprout is founded by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah and provides everything to grow your business in an online world.

The Ultimate Guide to International SEO by The Hoth 
The HOTH: The HOTH is famous for providing SEO & Content Marketing services around the world for maximizing organic traffic of websites.

Google Webmaster Central Blog
Google Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central Blog is an official blog by Google where new news on crawling and indexing are published.

A Quick Guide to Enterprise SEO
SEO Hacker: SEO Hacker is run by Sean Si. He is editor-in-chief and the author and providing the latest information in the SEO industry via a blog.

How to Learn SEO in 2019 (According to 130 Experts)
Gotch SEO: Gotch SEO is run by Nathan Gotch who is the funder of it and started it in 2013.

Kaiserthesage: Jason Acidre is the author of this blog he is an SEO, content, links & web analytics specialist in the Philippines.

40 Unbelievable SEO Statistics You Need to Know
Search Engine People: Search Engine People is a digital marketing agency placed in Canada which publishes SEO and digital marketing blogs. is an online marketing firm and sharing its proven ideas of generating leads via their blog.

Negative SEO – Should You Monitor Your Backlinks?
Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog is a UK based search marketing agency. On their blog, you can check out some of the fantastic pieces of content about SEO and online marketing.

What is SEO and How it Works?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is also referring to a person or professional who does works to improve organic visibility of any webpage or website for certain terms or queries by implementing some changes on the website. These terms or queries are also known as keywords.

Basics of How SEO Works

How SEO Works?
SEO is a complex subject there are numbers of factors that can influence search results, but you can improve your chance to make sure your website is visible all across the internet.

First of all, you have to make your site indexable for search engine for example for Google submit your website to google so that Googlebot can fetch all pages of your site into their database and show them accordingly to provide most relevant as well as authentic results.

In a simple manner, all search engines mainly focused on providing the best possible results and SEO professionals use technical information as well as the best Search Engine Optimization practices to increase the overall visibility of a website by targeting a specific keyword or multiple keywords.

Importance of SEO for Businesses

I think now you are thinking why people are crazy about getting search engine visibility leads? So here are some of the main reasons why business is focusing on generating organic search:
Accordingto Wikipedia’s article till April 2019, 56.1% of the global population has accessing the internet this means they are potential customers for any business which provides services and products.

Organic search visibility gives everyone an equal opportunity for every single person to make their business online because the digital world is an ocean of opportunities.

With the help of Search Engine Optimization, It is also possible to make your brand trustworthy by focuses on providing detailed information about your service and products.

Best Free Backlink Checker Tool for SEO

Do you looking for a best backlink checker tool? Finding a backlink of your competitor is the best way to boost your backlink profile. You may tried Ahrefs, SmallSEOTools, Rankwatch and Moz’s backlink checker but it is not displayed more than 100 backlinks. If you want to check for more than 100 backlinks you have to pay for these tools.

Free Backlink Checker Tool

Today I am going to tell you about the completely free backlink checker tool that is now available at free of cost. You don’t believe but it is true. Check free backlink checker by Neil Patel names as Ubersuggest. it is the best backlink checker that is ever developed for everyone you don’t have to pay any amount of money.

The main reason behind Neil Patel gives this tools for free because he wants to give power of small business owner especially SEO and online marketing professionals to grow their business without spending too much money.

Nowadays SEO tools are too costly and not everyone can buy it right! Right. You need a complete package that gives you all the information required to rank for a keyword on the most popular search engines.

How to Start with Ubersuggest to Find Tons of Backlinks of Your Competitors for Free?

It is easy to start with this website just type the URL in the browser and it will give you on the site.

At site enter the domain name of a website for checking backlinks and select the country. You can select a country via a search or via a dropdown list.

Now, this SEO tool shows you the all key matrices which are also essential to know if you are an SEO professional.

At the left-hand side select backlinks, now you can see the backlinks of the URL.

By default, it will show you the backlinks of the whole site including all its subdomains but if you want to check backlinks for a specific URL you can also do it.

To check the backlinks of a specific URL select the exact URL in the dropdown list.

Here is one more option available which give you the opportunity to show domain backlinks without subdomains.

You can also use filter and link type such as follow and no-follow to refine your search for better picks.

This tool also provides the option to export data to a .csv format which makes it easy for offline use as well.

This tool has very simple navigation option and everyone can use it even without signup means no registration is required to find unlimited backlinks of your competitor.

I hope with the use of this tool you will definitely get benefits and supports this tool by sharing it with others.

5 Best ways to increase Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a key matrix that is developed by MOZ to determine the ranking prediction. The DA score is measured on the basis of how many quality backlinks the website has from trustworthy other domains in a similar category. Note that Google or other search engines are not using these metrics to rank a site. There is a number of key factors that are developed from years to provide the best search result and MOZ’s DA is very accurate and with time it developed more efficiently. MOZ 2.0 that is recently launched has a more refined version of it and it strengthens these important metrics. 

MOZ Domain Authority

So here are some ways which help you to increase Domain Authority:

Domain Name: Yes, domain name. It helps search engine to differentiate what this domain is all about and how relevant the content this website provides. From the user perspective easy to remember domain names have more value and age of the domain is also matters, however, some SEO professionals don't consider this as a ranking factor but they believe it is another signal to search engines and it might help.

Build High-Quality Backlinks: Quality backlinks are like a prominent sign for search engines that show the content is linked with other similar kinds of content. Quality and relevant backlinks are only valuable if they are highly relevant to the same niche and it can help your site to stay ranked higher than your competitors.

On Page Optimization: On page optimization helps search engine to properly understand the relevancy of the content with respect meta tags, image optimization and as obvious well-formatted content using heading tags. It helps Googlebot (Web Crawlers)to understand the overall picture of your content.

Create Link Worthy Content: Content is always matters, well-written content is also appreciated by the end-user and search engines. Engaging and trustworthy content increases the ranking ability and other websites are also looking for such content to link with it to take benefit of link juice.

Internal linking: Most of the websites don't use this essential feature. Internal link structure is very important for well-structured content because web crawlers move link to link and this helps search spiders to follow up all the content via a link.

Thanos can change Google Search Results, With Powerful Infinity Stones

Thanos is a supervillain and not even a single villain of any era is more popular than this gigantic film character. In Avengers: Endgame, and Avengers: Infinity War he proved why he is a supervillain. Thanos set a standard and I believe for next few years nobody will even closer to the stardom set by him. His impact is also be seen on the search result, yes you have to believe that.

 Normal Search Result for "Thanos"

 Affected Search Results With Infinity Stones

Every day we use a search engine and the team of Google developer changes repetitively some feature in omitted to show the best possible result query each and every time. At the release the Avengers: Endgame they change something which is very much related to the film’s actual story. In film Thanos earn all the Infinity Stones: The Space Stone (blue), the Reality Stone (red), the Power Stone (purple), the Mind Stone (yellow), the Time Stone (green) and the Soul Stone (orange). And at the end, he uses it to wipe-out the half of the living creature in the universe.

If now you search on Google the term “Thanos” at the right-hand side where Google’s Knowledge panel shows the rich media and the most important information you can the golden glove with all six of Infinity Stones. Just click on the golden glove you will be shocked almost 50% of the result will be wipe-out in an unrealistic manner but it is happening because it is true. Thanos’s glove with six of Infinity Stones affects the search engine rankings this means that from Google’s database where 96 million results are there only able to show 48 million. Let's try!

Types of SEO - White Hat and Black Hat

    What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that helps to rank your website or a specific webpage on search engine results pages (SERPs) without any cost (via organic search). A higher rank on search results means more viewers can see your website and these viewers can be converted into your customers. You may rank your website if it's search engine friendly, you can also target your audience for different search keywords and other searches like industry-based search, image search, video search, educational search, etc.
In order to achieve, best possible rank on a search engine, there are two main approaches:
1. White Hat SEO
2. Black Hat SEO
1. White Hat SEO: - White Hat SEO techniques are those techniques that are approved by a search engine as a part of good design and make your content easily accessible for most relevant search queries. For White Hat SEO keep in mind to follow the guidelines of the search engine (eg. For Google webmaster guidelines), avoid any deception, make sure your content is for users not for search engine only and always maintain good quality content for users and keep your content up to date. Be honest towards your users don't use those tactics to rank higher on SERP which are not approved by Search engines.
2. Black Hat SEO: - Black Hat SEO is also known as spamdexing (or search spam). Black Hat SEO techniques are those techniques which are not approved by a search engine and involve deceptive practices to rank higher on SERP. These practices mainly have the following types -
 a) Content Spam
 b) Link spam
 c) Other types
a) Content Spam - Content Spamming involves practices that affect search engine results with misleading content via Keyword stuffing, Meta tag stuffing, Hidden text, Doorway or Gateway Pages, Machine translation, Article spinning, and Pages with false information related to the page title.
b) Link spam - In link spam links are added within web pages for link-based ranking algorithm the more links means a possibility to achieve best ranking results. blogging Spam, Hidden links, Link-building software, Buying expired domains, Comment spamming, Link farms and Private Blog Networks.
c) Other types - Some other tactics like Mirror websites that have content remains the same but URLs are different, Redirecting URLs through meta refreshing with meta tags.