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What is BERT Algorithm Update and How It Impacts SERPs?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Google rolling out a new algorithmic update known as BERT which is highly focused on increasing human-like understandability and it is based neural network-based technique.
This may take a week to fully roll out globally and it can change search engine result pages because with this update Google can understand a wide variety of complex words and co-relation between these words. 
For example, the word “bank” would have the same context-free representation in “bank balance” and “bank of the river.” Contextual models instead generate a new representation of every word that is based on the other co-related words that appear in the sentence. Like in the sentence “I check my bank balance,” a unidirectional contextual model would represent “bank” based on “I check my” but not “balance.” However, BERT represents “bank” using both its previous and next context — “I check the ... balance” — starting from the very bottom of …