3D Product Configurators: How This Benefit eCommerce Stores?

Benefit of 3D Product Configurators for eCommerce Stores

It’s highly important for a business of any niche to not settle at a certain milestone and always thrive after growth and absolute excellence. And the eCommerce industry is following this mantra quite effectively and rapidly.

Thanks to such deep technological involvement such as 3D modeling. The online shopping experience is set to accelerate its way to revolutionizing customers’ shopping experience. Let’s understand in more depth how 3d product configuration is benefiting the eCommerce sector dramatically. 

What Exactly is a 3D Product Configurator?

For beginners, a 3D product configurator allows users to customize their product’s appearance, materials, and behavior at will. All they need is to make some clicks and the product will change accordingly. But, how’s this helpful?

This allows customers to view the product from different angles, assess every aspect of it while sitting wherever they are, and choose the product with a design that meets their needs and resonates with their style and preference. When customers get a more personalized experience shopping online, businesses get more sales, and customers feel happier, it creates a win-win situation for both sides.

How Does 3D Configuration Work?

3D configuration is done by using a 3D configuration software that uses multiple product files to create a high-fidelity 3D rendering of a product. Businesses often use 3D visual configuration software to facilitate the designing, housing, and distribution processes of the 3D models.3D configurators can easily integrate into your website or application without overloading your system with too much tech.

How Does 3D Configuration Software Benefits the eCommerce Industry?

1. Drive More Sales

Getting more sales is one of the main objectives of using 3D configurator software. Showcasing interactive 3D models of products appeal to customers to buy and leaves a deeper impression on the customer. These 3D models play a major role in improving online shopping experiences and simplifying decision-making while increasing conversion rates at the same time. Overall, 3D product configurations can have a significant impact on the sales of any eCommerce company.

2. Promotes Cost-efficiency

3D product configurations provide real-time feedback from customers which helps shorten the sales cycle. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend resources on tons of images shot in costly studios. All you need is a photorealistic 3D render of the product. More on that, making a 360° virtual replica of a product is easier and cost-effective than doing a professional photoshoot.

3. Fast and Friendly UX/UI

Using a 3D interactive model on your website or app will significantly improve the user experience. That’s because a 3D model is much lighter on the system than tens of product images from different angles. Images have become boring, and outdated nowadays and make the UI cluttered. Furthermore, since this 3D rendering technology allows customers to experience the product from a 360° angle, they can better and more informed buying decisions.

4. Offers a Unique and Personalized Shopping Experience

The biggest disadvantage of shopping at an eCommerce platform is that you can’t experience the product. Well, not anymore. Using 3D technology beats the purpose of going to a physical market.

Furthermore, advancing 3D configurations with AR and VR increases the usability of this technology. This opens new doors to countless opportunities in a more personalized way without having to leave the comfort of your home. No doubts further why business giants are adopting this technology at a rapid speed.

5. Better Pricing Quotes

A report by Deloitte reveals that more than 57% of customers all across the globe agreed to pay a premium price for a personalized product, while 35% weren’t sure, and less than 10% completely denied. These surprising numbers perfectly represent the demand for 3D configurators in the online shopping industry.

6. Better Customer Engagement

With more and more products released each year, customers don’t want to go for the average anymore, they seek improvement - personalization. Thanks to the 3D configuration technology, they no longer have to seek. A 3D product configurator comes with one of the basic features like engraving which makes the personalization experience better.

While engraving isn’t boring to implement, it affects the buying appeal of a product massively. 3D configuration allows customers to view the product with their chosen engravings with the desired styles, colors, font, weight, and sizes.

Enabling engravings and other customization features urges customers to spend more time on your store. This boosts engagement and improves conversion rates.

7. Fewer Cart Abandonment

Ever found yourself in a situation where you like a product, but do not buy it? Chances are yes, and the eCommerce store you’re buying from doesn’t use 3D configuration technology. Even adding little customer-specific personalization leads to more sales conversion by big margins. If customers love a product and get to personalize it to their own preference, there are very low chances they left without buying it.

8. Enhanced Marketing

3D configuration not just drives more sales and benefits customers, but it also benefits the marketing department. Almost every website uses cookies to offer personalized advertisements, based on users and their interests.

Since customers are allowed to customize their products according to their preference, your eCommerce store, in that case, can collect this data and use it to improve future product recommendations for a particular user, even if the user didn’t end up buying any product. This data can also be sold to other businesses so that you can see advertisements with more relevance.

What Does 3D Configuration Mean for the Customer?

1. Less Pre-Purchase Stress

Paying for something you haven’t even experienced yet always gives stress. This pre-purchase stress has been one of the main reasons for abandoned carts and canceled transactions. With 3D product configurations, customers can virtually experience the product and have all the personalization they want, which reduces the pre-purchase stress.

2. More Buying Confidence

Different researches and surveys have shown that customers often face a problem with confidence while choosing products. While incomplete details about the product or sometimes misleading images lead to this.

The severity of the confidence problem rises many folds when it comes to buying jewelry products. Thankfully, with 3D product configuration technology, customers can get a 360° view of the product with different color combinations and other customization tweaks. This can be further enhanced with AR and VR technologies.

3. Better Buying Satisfaction

Nothing can feel better than choosing a product and customizing it as per your choice, and all without going to a physical store or supermarket. Furthermore, it gives customers more freedom over their purchases.

eCommerce stores with 3D configuration feature experience fewer returns/exchange requests and more positive reviews from customers. Business giants like Nike, Coalesse, and Gucci are already effectively using the combination of 3D configuration and AR/VR technologies to boost sales and boost customer satisfaction.


The recent covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people used to shop. It proved that the importance of online shopping is pretty straightforward. However, making well-instructed decisions in the online shopping industry has always been hard for most people. Well, not anymore, 3D rendering has drilled down its roots deep into the eCommerce industry in the form of 3D product configurators.

3D configurators effectively eliminate the gap between online and offline experience, allowing you to virtually experience the product as if you have it in the real world. The ability to customize your product according to your taste and style is more of a modern and enhanced shopping experience!

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