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Contributors Guidelines For Guest Contributors

At Clarify Business, we value diverse perspectives and aim to provide our audience with insightful and valuable content on SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, SEO software for agencies, link building, and small businesses. To achieve this, we welcome guest contributions from bloggers, experts, and digital marketing agency owners who share our interest in these topics.

Our target audience includes CEOs and CMOs of marketing agencies, content marketing specialists working in small or large businesses, and individuals such as small business owners or digital marketing consultants. If you want to share your experience and knowledge on our platform, we have a few guidelines to follow:

If you are interested to write a guest post on our blog follow the guest post submission guidelines mentioned below:

Original content: We only publish original content, and it should not infringe on any copyrighted materials. We take plagiarism seriously, and any article found to have been copied or reproduced from other sources will be rejected.

Length of the article: The length of the article may vary based on the topic, but it should be a minimum of 1200 to 1500 words long to ensure that it provides adequate information to our readers.

Content syndication: We do not allow content syndication. The article must be exclusive to our blog.

Relevant topics: The topic of the article must be relevant to our audience, which includes SEO, digital marketing, content marketing, SEO software for agencies, link building, and small businesses.

Links: We allow DoFollow links if they are natural and point to quality websites related to the topic as the original source. However, we do not allow any spammy or irrelevant links.

Self-promotion: We allow guest bloggers to promote their own blog, but the article should not be solely for link building. If that is your sole intention, we suggest you read Google's guidelines on guest blogging.

How To Contact Us

If you are interested in publishing your article on our platform, please contact us with the subject line "Guest Posting Article for Clarify Business." You can send the article to our email address (BusinessClarify @ Gmail.Com) for any questions related to publishing.

We value our contributors and aim to respond to every email within a few hours. However, we kindly ask that you do not send too many emails as we may not be able to respond immediately.

By following these guidelines, we hope to provide our readers with high-quality and insightful content that adds value to their knowledge on digital marketing, SEO, and small businesses.

I commonly respond in a few hours so please don't try to send too many emails.

You can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook.

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