How to Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing For SEO

Do you want to optimize Amazon listing for your product? If you wonder how you can do Amazon product listing optimization, this blog post discusses it in detail. When you optimize your listing for AMZ, it helps with improving search engine optimization, increases organic traffic to your product, and contributes to more sales.

Example of Amazon product listing optimization

Introduction to the Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon listing optimization involves updating your product pages for better search visibility, higher CTR (click-through-rate), and CR (conversion rate), resulting in more revenues. The process involves discovering user-intent keywords, optimizing the listing text, images, and customer reviews.

This blog post will look at how you can enhance your product listing to sell better on Amazon.

Let us first enlist the key concepts we are going to discuss.

Search terms: The keywords research and relevant on-page optimization.

Content: Information about the product (knowledge) and images.

Customer Reviews: Review/feedback of customers on your product.

Q&As: Questions that customers have in mind about your product and their answers.

How to Optimize Amazon Listing?

For a product listing to rank in Amazon searches, it must have highly relevant keywords. If a listing lacks such keywords, the product won’t be able to reach its intended customers. So, let us have a look at the process of keyword optimization.

Always try to include as many relevant keywords on your product listing page as you can. However, make sure that they look natural and there is no keyword stuffing.

Conduct thorough keyword research for finding relevant keywords. You can use a host of different Amazon keyword search tools like KeyworX, Helium10, ViralLaunch, MerchantWords, and AMZ One, among others. Many tools do offer a free trial for you to test them before subscribing to their paid subscription.

Once you have completed your keyword research, the next step is to add these keywords to your product in a manner that would result in better AMZ SERP visibility.

How to change Amazon Listing Title?

When it comes to the title, it remains the first thing the customers would read. Therefore, you have to be very careful about it.

Step 1: 

Use the most important keyword in the title. This approach helps in ultimate Amazon product title optimization. The new ranking algorithms put a lot of value on the optimization of the Amazon product listing title. You do not need to use multiple keywords in the title. Ensure that your product title is readable and easy to understand.

Step 2: 

The next step is the addition of the backend keywords. There is a limit of 249 bytes for including the most critical search terms. Abide by 249 bytes limit, or else Amazon is not going to index the backend keywords.

Step 3:

The bullet points provide an excellent way to focus on the top characteristics or features. Similarly, the use of product descriptions with the right keywords can help better optimize the listing. Make sure that your text sounds natural and connects with potential customers. The reader must showcase your product as a solution to whatever problem the customer is trying to solve by buying it.

Additional Measures

Fine Tuning Customer Intent on AMZ

You can consider using the additional keywords types and filers in the search. This tweaking helps further improve the relevance of your product listing to the customers’ user intent.

Add as Much Detail as Possible

Provide additional helping information regarding the product to make it further desirable for the algorithm. For instance, you can consider adding the material type. Provide all the information needed so that if a customer applies additional filters or specific product finders, they can still locate your product in the Amazon searches.

Amazon Listing Optimization: Optimize the Content

How to Make Your Amazon Listing Stand Out?

There are many aspects of Amazon product optimization. First, you need to optimize the text and provide the right Amazon listing image size as per the guideline of this online marketplace. The main idea is to increase traffic and eventually sales.

Let us look at the most critical items to consider in improving the product listing content on AMZ.

  • Information about the content
  • The description of the product
  • Includes high-quality, relevant images, including, if possible, before & after and dimensional ones. Some AMZ store owners creatively use images to highlight the ways on how to use a product.

Product Texts

Let us look at what to be careful about when creating product description text, including title, bullet points, descriptions, and EBC or A+ content.

Product Information

Ensure all required information is available to facilitate the buyer’s decision-making process.

Communications (Advantages)

Focus on the benefits and unique selling propositions for the customers.

Consider asking yourself how the product purchase decision will help the potential buyers? In what way the product you are offering is better than what’s available in the market?

Present the information in a structured manner so that customers can quickly get to the bottom of the key benefits and quickly make their minds.

You can also explore extra options with Amazon Brand Registry, also known as A+ Content or EBC (Enhanced Brand Content). Integration of the text and images in a way surely helps better portray the general information of your product. Therefore, this method significantly improves how one can display brands and products and increase the chances of cross-selling products.

Mobile user experience is vital to optimization of the Amazon search optimization for a product listing. It would help if you kept in mind that the bullets and product description display nicely on a small screen. Arrange the information in bullets and descriptions so that the essential items come on top.

Amazon Listing Optimization of Product Images

Images make the first impressions before customers get to the textual part. Give top priority to image quality, relevance, size for better CTR (click-through rate) and CR (conversion rate).

Focus on high relevance to ensure that the image presents the core product and exceeds the minimum requirements of Amazon for product listing photos. For example, AMZ requires you to have a picture with a white background and fill 85% of the image frame. It also needs you to present the image in a highly recognizable manner that is well lit.

Additional Images

The use of additional images lets you use more options. You can focus on more features of the product. Typical ways you can use to display the product include its different angles, uses, and advantages. You can also use it for focusing on the environment in which customers can use it. Other focus areas can also include social interactions, proportions, exceptional benefits, features, details, and packaging. Always keep in mind the Amazon listing image size to provide a consistent customer experience when seeing your product’s photos.

There are multiple ways of combining the images and the way they can enhance your product listing.

Additional Information for Amazon Product Listing Optimization

To further optimize Amazon listing, you can provide added information, including weight, material, and energy efficiency class. Additional information increases the chances of your product showing up if the customer applies a filter to find specialized items. In addition, the product page has a dedicated section for additional information and helps improve the conversion rate even further.

Customer Reviews and Q&As

Amazon product listing optimization - Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews

Positive or above 4-star reviews give confidence to new customers to buy the product from you. The larger the number of positive reviews, the better. Also, the Amazon store owners aim to get as many 5 star reviews as possible and avoid any reviews less than 4-star. Thus, reviews play a very significant role in Amazon product optimization.

There are different ways of increasing the reviews. Excellent service dramatically increases the chance of customers giving more positive reviews. Some companies use parcel inserts for prompting customers to provide positive reviews, and others advertise their products on product testing platforms to get feedback before the launch.

Always follow the AMZ review guidelines. You can also opt for fee-based programs for vendors and sellers to generate reviews. For example, Amazon Vine is for vendors, and the Early Reviewer Program is for sellers.

The implementation of continuous review management ensures a high product review score. You must also comment on negative customer reviews. Even a manufacturer or merchant can add their perspective on each negative review. This approach shows better customer service, and some customers may even have a change of heart to remove a negative review.

Q&As on a Product Listing

Amazon product title optimization surely helps your product reach more customers. However, besides Amazon listing title optimization, always consider adding common customer questions and their answers. You can cover specific details, usage, or any technical question that is not given in the description.

Vendors and sellers can use this Q&A space to answer questions from customers. In addition, the vendors and sellers can focus on answering unanswered questions related to helping customers make a purchase decision.

The addition of a comprehensive Q&A section provides more information to the customers. In addition, AMZ store owners use it to fill information gaps and provide value addition to further Amazon search optimization.    

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