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Understanding The Importance of Digital Marketing In International Trade Industry

In a company, Marketing refers to the activities to promote buying or selling of goods or services. Digital Marketing is the type of Marketing that utilizes the Internet and online-based digital technologies. It uses Digital Media and Platforms to promote goods and services.
Digital Marketing changed the way brands and businesses use technology for Marketing. There are various methods to do Digital Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Content MarketingE – Commerce MarketingSocial Media MarketingDirect Marketing using Mobile Technology and Email marketingIt also extended to the offline channels which provide digital media such as television, SMS, and MMS, calls.
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June Month Link Roundup: Blogs of SEO and Digital Marketing

3 Best-Practices to Align Web Development & SEO | MarketingProfs
This post is writer by Cyrus Shepard. Cyrus talked about in this post about aligning website development with SEO to get better SERP ranking and traffic.
With your newfound understanding of the relationship between SEO and Web development, I encourage you to set up a meeting with both teams and start with creating systems to ensure successful collaboration.
EnterpriseSEO: Don’t Outsmart—Out Execute
This post is written by Jared Gardner. Jared cover some important point like spending time to maximize the results.
Focus on the things that you know work, ignore the stuff you can’t action on, and have a sense of urgency when it comes to improving your website, each and every week.
Has SEO Changed Due to Covid-19?
An interesting post by Kristijan about the inpact of the COVID-19 on SEO.
B2B businesses that sell physical products to other businesses instead of services have found that their organic performance has taken a nosediv…

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Oil & Gas Industry - Clarify Business

The effect of COVID-19, regardless of whether because of the wide-spread demand destruction or the downward winding of unrefined costs, is of enormous concern for the entirety of the O&G business members. The O&G business is normally proficient at disaster response and its viability has been demonstrated across a range of disaster scenarios before. With COVID-19 too, the business has done reasonably well so far, as displayed by the close to continuous operations and accessibility of various energizes, almost across the whole country. However, most O&G CXOs accept that the recovery for the sector is probably going to be longer, and more protracted than foreseen. Pulling off every single onerous accomplishment since its inception, the Covid-19 emergency just added another casualty to its rundown - oil. In a remarkable occasion, oil for the first run through in history penetrated the $0 mark, forcing the humankind to straighten out the tomahawks – another impossibility coming…