5 Best Content Writing Tools That Help to Write Better

5 Best Content Writing Tools That Help to Write Better

Content writing does not
mean rewriting someone’s content by reading it from the internet.

Whether you are working as
a freelancer or writing for your personal blog, you need to be a creative and
quality writer.

It is because quality
writing will increase productivity as well as chances to be successful in this
field. Without writing quality content, you will not be able to survive in this
market or lose your efforts by investing in the wrong direction.

That is why we are here to
help you by telling you about the best content writing tools that will help you
in becoming a better and more successful writer. Let’s get started and learn
about the tools that you need to use throughout your writing process.

5 Best Content
Writing Tools

No doubt, there are
several tools that you can use in different stages while working as a content
writer. But the question comes how a writer can or a blogger can use multiple
tools to be successful.

It will really make this
hard for a single person to fulfill the requirements of every tool. Therefore,
we have wrapped out the 5 best tools that you should use being a content
writer. Let’s read about them and explore the list deeply to get a better
understanding of all these tools.

1.     Hubspot’s Ideas Generator

Hubspot’s Ideas Generator

Being a writer, have you
ever faced issues regarding ideas? It happens a lot when you have stuck while
writing on a specific topic. In turn, you need a tool that will help you in
getting new ideas regarding your blogs and keep working smoothly.

This is where Hubspot’s
ideas generating feature will help you. While using this tool, you neither have
to pay for any subscriptions nor have to be a technical person.

The tool has been designed
with a simple interface that can be understood by any writer. You only have to
enter the noun or word from which you want to generate more ideas.

It will take a few seconds
for the tool to show you new ideas based on the searches that people are doing
on the internet. In this way, you can broaden your research or write a
comprehensive blog title to attract more audiences.

On this tool, you will get
5 free blog ideas under the name “A week of blog ideas”. If you want to get more
details, you can also unlock 250 more blog ideas by clicking the button given

So, you can say that it
will enable you to get new blog ideas for everyday writing within a few

2.     EditPad.org


When you are writing a
blog post for your website or any of your customers, you need to be conscious.
Mostly, we use Google docs or Microsoft Word Processing to write our articles.
In some cases, we will find it hard to use them while researching our data.

The main reason is slow
processing when we are working with different websites simultaneously. Edit pad
is offering the best online text editor to get this task done. The tool has a
simple interface with a wide screen to let you work comfortably.

You don’t need to sign up
for this program because it is completely free. While using this online editor,
you will be able to write your text inside the box and do multiple actions. It
will enable you to write any type of blog or essay using this tool without fear of losing your data.

The designers have
launched this tool with a complete set of the toolbar on the top position that you
may be used in the above-mentioned tools. One of the best features of this tool
is that it will enable you to download your content in different formats
including PDF, Docx, and Txt.

EditPad.org, check plagiarism

Along with this, you can
get an idea about the uniqueness of your content by clicking on a single button
given in the bottom section of the box. So, you can say that it will be a
complete solution for writing blog posts or keeping notes while doing data

3.     Grammarly


Whether you are a beginner
in this field or have been working for years now, you can’t be efficient enough
to write error-free blogs. It is because you can’t keep everything in your mind
while typing.

Therefore, you need an
AI-based tool that will help you in finding mistakes in your work and show all
of them to you. Grammarly is considered the best choice because of its
efficient outcomes and simple work.

You only have to copy and
paste your text into this tool after downloading or installing its extension in
your browser. The tool will show you all the mistakes in the right vertical bar
by analyzing your text.

By clicking on every word,
you will be able to get the suggestions that you can replace by clicking on
that specific word. You can also tap on the delete button if you think that the
tool is showing wrong suggestions.

All in all, this tool is
considered the best to find out mistakes in your work and get them resolved
within a few seconds.

4.     Hemingway


Another content analyzer
tool is here for you to improve your writing skills. Hemingway app is one of
the best choices available on the internet to get a quick analysis of your

By adding your text inside
this tool’s text insertion window, you will be able to get suggested words in
the right vertical column. It will show you some important factors related to
your work like readability, words selection issues, and difficult words.

In turn, you will be able
to remove all those words and make your content easy to read for everyone.
Along with this, you will be able to get an idea about passive voice sentences
that you have been written in your work.

So, you can say that it
will help you in writing readable content with a little bit of help in SEO
dimensions. For a better view, it will show all the different sections in
different colors.

5.     Prepostseo.com


Lastly, we have ranked a
plagiarism checker in our list because it is also important to get an idea
about the uniqueness of your work. No doubt, there are more than 4 million blogs published daily on the internet. But you have to make sure that
you are publishing unique content on your website.

It is because Google hates
plagiarism and will never rank you in higher positions when you are violating
Google’s webmaster guidelines. Therefore, you have to be careful while writing
on any topic.

To make sure that you are
publishing 100% unique content for your website, you should use a plagiarism
checker by Prepostseo. It is one of the most efficient tools available to be
used freely by users to check 1000 words content’s plagiarism.

You can increase the word
count limit by subscribing to its paid plan. By using this tool, you will be
able to compare your work with every published page or blog on the internet.

It will use the entire
search engine as its database making its results valid and worthy. So, you will
be able to get an idea of whether your content is unique or not. Also, you will
be able to rewrite the copied lines manually or by using the same tool’s
“Rewrite” button.


The above-mentioned tools
are the best to use being a content writer. These tools will help you in
writing better content and improving your skills by learning. You should not
use them only for analysis purposes but try to understand their work as well as
improve your skills by following the guidelines shown on your screen.

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