8 Essential Elements Of An Effective Corporate Videos

8 Essential Elements Of An Effective Corporate Videos

Video marketing is crucial for businesses now more than ever. Many corporations have realized its importance in delivering their brand’s message to their target audience.

According to Insivia, 95% of viewers claim to retain a message if it’s delivered in the video as opposed to 10% of text-based content.

So, with the right video content and the right corporate video company, you can effectively reach out to your target audience.

As a result, you’d be able to generate leads and convert them into sales. 

What Is A Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a blanket term that covers all the video communication that a corporation does internally and externally. Corporate videos differentiate from conventional video marketing, as they’re made to target a specific audience rather than the general audience.

Corporate videos can be made for employee training and orientation, conveying financial reports to the stakeholders, or a promotional video to create a buzz about introducing a new product or service.

One of the prominent corporate video examples is Twitter, where they promote their “Twitter Flight School”.

Twitter has been at the top of the game in producing some of the best corporate videos for years.

The social media giant really knows their way around delivering top-notch promotional corporate content in a fun and exciting way. With their succinct script and visually appealing narrative along with an uplifting background score, they really hit the mark to promote their “Twitter Flight School” to the audience.

Well-produced corporate videos help in boosting brand awareness, creating buzz, and achieving overall marketing objectives.

To get you started making a compelling corporate video, we’ve put together a list of eight essentials of an effective corporate video that will surely help you achieve your video marketing objectives. 

1. Understand Your Audience

Before you delve into the intricacies of corporate video production, you need to ask yourself, what’s the purpose? Who’s your target audience?

Once you get to know the audience, then you have to determine the following factors,

  • The target audience’s challenges and their solutions.
  • The language that your audience easily understands
  • The platforms where your audience is active.

All of these above mentioned are crucial. Every effort you make on corporate videos for your audience will be directed back to understanding your audience and what actions your audience takes after watching the video.

It goes without saying, if you don’t know your audience and don’t have clear goals, you’ll end up re-shooting, editing and will be gone on a wild goose chase.

Moreover, in making a corporate video, there are a lot of key players involved. You need to be sure all of them are on the same page.

The best of keeping everyone aligned is to create a questionnaire using Google Forms and distribute it among the stakeholders. By getting their answers, you can inform and get them aligned.

You can discuss budgets, the platform you want to broadcast the video, the timeline, among others. 

2. Storytelling With An Emotional Appeal

Storytelling With An Emotional Appeal

Creating emotional appeal is one of the main aspects of making powerful corporate videos.

Apart from the main objective, corporate videos also need to trigger emotions. People tend to remember those videos that touch them emotionally.

According to Science Daily, human brains relate to the characters by concentrating on their feelings and thoughts.

People may get bored when you present them with facts and figures. You need to connect them with an emotional appeal to instill your message in their minds for a longer period.

You should also make the video exciting and engaging, so they won’t bounce.

The key factor here is to combine education, inspiration, and emotional appeal in corporate videos.

Another way to engage the audience in a corporate video is to make them feel warm and fuzzy and relates to your corporate message.

One of the best corporate videos that really gives such a feeling is Airbnb, where the corporate message is given from the client’s perspective.

They beautifully blend corporate messages and customer testimonials in one single video.

In the corporate video, the audience learns the experience of Airbnb hosts and how Airbnb helps them achieve their hopes and dreams.

This is the prime example of corporate videos that connects the audience on a deeper level. It also makes the audience to meet these people and explore their cities and make pleasant memories. 

3. Setting Up Camera

Setting Up Camera

Many times most corporations have a tough time using their cameras optimally.

To avoid the hassle of setting up cameras and lighting locations, they hire corporate video production companies to do all the heavy lifting for them.

We aren’t against that decision.

But shooting corporate videos aren’t that difficult.

For starters, use a tripod.

Because seriously thinking about shooting a video with a handheld method of using TikTok or Snapchat just won’t do.

Tripods help in making your shot steady and also prevent your expensive equipment from any workplace accidents.

Choose tripods as per the size of your shooting camera. For instance, if you’re shooting with your smartphone, then opt for LINKCOOL Phone Tripod. If you own a DSLR, then you can go for Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod.

Besides tripod, stock SD cards and camera batteries. Because nothing could be more frustrating if you have run out of space and batteries. 

4. Setting Up Audio Equipment

The audio equipment can make or break your corporate video. Your target audience won’t last one second and bounce if they hear distortion and trouble listening to what you’re saying. 

If you’re thinking about using your smartphone’s microphone to record a corporate video, please don’t.

Shooting with iPhones is seamless. There are plenty of plugs and play microphones to record audio. For instance, Lavalier Microphone for iPhone will capture quality audio while in motion.

While most people don’t like the lavalier microphones since they’re visible on the video. That’s most people opt for shotgun mics instead. 

5. Choose The Right Music

Choose The Right Music

Background score is a highly effective tool because it sets the tone and mood of the corporate videos.

Music is a decisive factor in distinguishing amateur content from a masterpiece. It helps to get and keep the viewer’s attention, trigger emotion, and deliver your message successfully.

When you’re deciding on the music, you should consider the tone of your corporate message. If you’re making a corporate video about introducing a new product, you can go for upbeat music.

Instrumental music is best suited for corporate videos as they sound more professional. It can make the viewers feel excited, hopeful, cheerful, positive, and so much more. 

6. Use Voiceover Narration

Use Voiceover Narration

After doing everything good so far, if you did a sluggish or unprofessional voiceover, then you’re not doing the video justice. In fact, amateur voiceovers are the easiest way to ruin great corporate videos.

You can either hire a professional voiceover artist or with a little bit of practice, you can even do it yourself.

One of the quintessential corporate video examples is DuPont

Dupont : Corporate Story from Josh Parker on Vimeo.

DuPont showed how to perfectly deliver voiceover narration with harmonic background music. Within two minutes, DuPont conveyed their mission statement, their core values, and how they are helping people with SCIENCE!

If this video inspires you to do the voiceover yourself, then all you need to do is work on the following,

Find A Sweet Spot

Or, in this case, soundproof. Otherwise, the clutter of noise could be recorded in the video.

You should also move away from places where your voice gets echoed or muffled.


Just like the actors, you read the script several times aloud and evaluate your delivery.

Make a note of the abrupt pauses in speaking phrases or words. Be hydrated during the voiceover, and don’t use the paper script. You don’t want to paper rustling noise to record on the corporate video.

Be Calm

If this is your first rodeo, try to relax and take breaks if you’re nervous. Sometimes, a warm green tea might help in your clearing throat to do a voiceover. 


7. Use B-roll Footage

No one likes to watch a talking head in the entire length of a corporate video. B-roll or additional footage brings excitement and engagement into the video.

The best way to add extra shots, when someone says it, you have to show it. For instance, if you’re doing a corporate video shoot of a burger joint and someone mention burger, you show them footage of making a burger.

Honda perfected this craft of B-roll footage with exhilarating background music to make their corporate video exciting and make you jump out of your seat and groove!

With a little video editing practice, you’d be able to make great corporate videos for your company. 

8. Ideal Video Length

The engagement of corporate videos is highly dependent on their duration. It goes without saying the shorter tend to have more engagement.

But the question is, how much should be an ideal video length of a corporate video?

According to Wistia, videos under the two minutes’ length yields the optimum engagement. The videos are involving promotions of the product or services of a brand.

If your corporate videos are more for educational purposes, according to an edX study, they shouldn’t be more than six minutes.


All of these elements play a vital role in making an effective corporate video.

With a little practice or working with corporate video production companies, you will be able to pull it off.

By the year 2022, online videos will yield over 82% of all internet traffic, according to Cisco.

No one wants to get left behind in the race of competition. So if you have wanted to make a corporate video to showcase your brand, then pick up a camera today and start filming!

You will surely its massive results down the road.

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