Types of SEO - White Hat and Black Hat

    What is SEO?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that helps to rank your website or a specific webpage on search engine results pages (SERPs) without any cost (via organic search). A higher rank on search results means more viewers can see your website and these viewers can be converted into your customers. You may rank your website if it's search engine friendly, you can also target your audience for different search keywords and other searches like industry-based search, image search, video search, educational search, etc.
In order to achieve, best possible rank on a search engine, there are two main approaches:
1. White Hat SEO
2. Black Hat SEO
1. White Hat SEO: - White Hat SEO techniques are those techniques that are approved by a search engine as a part of good design and make your content easily accessible for most relevant search queries. For White Hat SEO keep in mind to follow the guidelines of the search engine (eg. For Google webmaster guidelines), avoid any deception, make sure your content is for users not for search engine only and always maintain good quality content for users and keep your content up to date. Be honest towards your users don't use those tactics to rank higher on SERP which are not approved by Search engines.
2. Black Hat SEO: - Black Hat SEO is also known as spamdexing (or search spam). Black Hat SEO techniques are those techniques which are not approved by a search engine and involve deceptive practices to rank higher on SERP. These practices mainly have the following types -
 a) Content Spam
 b) Link spam
 c) Other types
a) Content Spam - Content Spamming involves practices that affect search engine results with misleading content via Keyword stuffing, Meta tag stuffing, Hidden text, Doorway or Gateway Pages, Machine translation, Article spinning, and Pages with false information related to the page title.
b) Link spam - In link spam links are added within web pages for link-based ranking algorithm the more links means a possibility to achieve best ranking results. blogging Spam, Hidden links, Link-building software, Buying expired domains, Comment spamming, Link farms and Private Blog Networks.
c) Other types - Some other tactics like Mirror websites that have content remains the same but URLs are different, Redirecting URLs through meta refreshing with meta tags.

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