The Advanced Guide to SEO Tactics

Advanced SEO Tactics

Having a business website automatically calls for creating an SEO strategy that works for you. You need to use several advanced SEO techniques for your website in order to increase ranking on Google, conversions, and eventually, sales. More than 92 percent of all traffic on websites comes through the Google search engine which makes it even more important to work on implementing effective SEO tactics for growth.

Improve Website Content

When you create your business website, it is natural to attempt to come up with the best design possible by creating the perfect logo and adding good-quality content that complements the design.

However, no matter how amazing your content is, it is always a great idea to update your content after a while. Instead of putting out new content and waiting for it to rank for SEO, you can try to improve the existing content for ranking gains. You can achieve this by ensuring that all your content is up-to-date with new trends and facts so that it is more relevant for the audience. Secondly, you can use performance data to make changes to your content that will help improve its ranking.

Use Image Alt Text

If you want to improve your overall SEO score, this is an easy tactic that actually works.

All you have to do is add relevant keywords to the image alt text. This text helps to explain the purpose of the image in case the image does not load or someone with a visual impairment is viewing it. You can easily add keywords to this text and it will help boost your site in Search Engine Results Pages.

Check Your SEO Links

While SEO is heavily dependent on keywords, links can also affect the search engine results ranking of your website. You need to take a thorough look at all the links on your website and make sure that they are working. Make sure you get better and more high-quality backlinks for SEO. You can also have a look at your current internal links strategy and check if you have inserted enough internal links to increase the time viewers spend on your website. If you find any 404 errors or broken links on your website, fixing these errors should be a top priority. It can also be a good idea to check out link-building services for growing your website.

Increase Page Speed

Google loves pages that load faster. In case you haven’t paid attention to the loading speed of your website, this is your sign to do so.

You can use Google’s free tool for page insights to get started. Improving your page speed is extremely important for boosting SEO.  You can then, check out reliable hosting providers for optimizing your website’s speed. There are several tips available online that can help you increase page loading speed and drive more traffic.

Make Your Site Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive websites are the talk of the day. This is also an advanced SEO technique that you have been neglecting.

In cases when users search for something on Google from their mobile devices, Google prefers to show mobile-optimized websites in the results. If your website is mobile-optimized, there is a higher chance of it ranking in SERPs. More than half of searches are conducted from mobile devices and this only makes it crucial for your website to be mobile-optimized.

Use FAQ Schema

This is the best way to increase visibility and push competitors down on the Google search page.

FAQ Schema Markup is one that tells Google that your webpage is an FAQ page. Listings with an FAQ page tend to take up more space on the search page. This is because the questions are shown in the form of a drop-down menu on the search page, below the website link and a short description. This helps users find answers immediately by clicking the questions and they eventually land on your website when they find an answer that is relevant to their search. As a result, you have a chance of increased conversions and sales.

Build Brand Reputation

It is commonly understood that links play a major role in SEO but the overall reputation of your brand also matters to a great extent.

You need to ensure that wherever your brand is mentioned, it is spoken about in a positive light. You can do this by mentioning your brand online repeatedly and creating more awareness about your brand by imitating your competitors’ strategy.


There are plenty of SEO tactics that you can use to grow your website but these advanced techniques will help you get the best results in the long run. All you need to do is stay consistent in making improvements to your website’s SEO strategy so that your sales keep increasing.

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