Cold Email Techniques To Improve Your Response Rates

Cold Email Techniques To Improve Your Response Rates

Are you working on your email marketing campaign? Is the pitch in your cold marketing emails enough? Is the prospect going to reply to your mail? Do you still get such thoughts? If the answer is Yes, you have to the correct page.

Firstly and most importantly, you should know that cold email success goes hand in hand with a good or average cold email response rate. Recent research shows that the average cold email response rate is 1%, meaning if you send emails to 100 potential customers, you are getting only one cold email lead generation from those 100. When it comes to the recipients, there could be many reasons they do not respond to your emails.

So let us move ahead and learn more about the effective cold email templates you can use to improve response rates. 

How to Get More Responses From Cold Emails

What is an Average Cold Email Response Rate?

Before understanding the average cold email response rate, let us first understand the basics of cold email response rate.

Cold email response rate or cold email lead generation is a metric that is considered to decide the success of the email outreach of any business. This response rate means the number of potential clients who responded to your emails. It typically indicates whether the respective client is interested in your products or services.

An excellent cold email response rate varies between 1% to 10%, but this can vary depending on the kind of business you are in. Below is a simple formula for calculating the average cold email response rate to understand it clearly:

formula for calculating the average cold email response rate

Why is an Average Cold Email Response Rate Too Low?

Before we get into the effective cold email marketing tips to improve the response rate, let us first find out why our emails are not responding.

So as per the research performed on cold emails, below are the proven top reasons why the cold email response rate tends to be so low:

       Your emails are not landing in the primary mailbox of the recipients.

       The subject lines of your email could be more attractive and engaging, making the open rate low.

       Your emails are not personalized. To improve this, you can refer to SmartLead AI to get some effective cold email templates that will benefit your marketing.

       The clients need help finding your offers interesting.

       The email body is too long and lacks value-added information about your business.

Strategies to Improve the Cold Email Response Rate

With the use of effective email marketing tips, you can easily make your cold email campaign a success. And these successful cold email marketing campaigns help fill the list of potential clients and increase the cold email lead generation rate.

The best part is it's not rocket science to do this and boost the numbers. Just do some simple tweaks in your cold emails, and it will work.

Below are some of the best cold email techniques that can help in improving your response rate:

1.     Keep Your Email Content Brief

It is true when people say, "Cut the fluff and get to the damn point." As we all know, this is a fast-moving world, and we need more time to read long-length emails. The whole email should be written within 100 words at most. Always send short and straightforward cold emails to your clients that cover the main points, a brief introduction about yourself, and, most importantly, an action-driven CTA for the customer.

2.     Use a Compelling Subject Line

Writing an intriguing subject line is essential to effective email marketing tips. As the subject line is typically the first impression of your cold email, it should tell the reader what the email is about.

Subject lines are so crucial that almost 47% of the recipients decide whether to open the email based on that only. Ensure to make it clear and brief in just 60 characters. The email response rates are directly proportional to email open rates, so the subject line must hit the prospect, and they open the email and then respond to it.

3.     Go with a Personalized Approach

Personalization in your emails is key for cold email lead generation. It opens many doors for you and even improves the email response rate. One survey shows that almost 63% of recipients do not respond to un-personalized emails. Below are some tips for adding personalized content to your cold emails:

       Start your email by using the recipient's first or last name

       Make the customer feel valued

       Describe your products or services in a way that can solve their issues

       Draft your email in a way that the customer should not feel like a copy-pasted one

4.     Ensure You are Using Your Company's Email Address

If the recipient sees the emails coming from some random email address or like info@ or hello@, those are directly going to spam without second thoughts. So always ensure that you use valid company email addresses while sending cold emails to your prospects. Along with the correct email address, using effective cold email templates can do wonders for your marketing campaign.

5.     Use a Conversational Tone in Your Emails

The basic effective email marketing tip is that the cold email should be easy to read and understand. Before sending, read your email to ensure you are having regular conversations with your clients. Use a friendly tone in your cold emails and maintain professionalism.

6.     Add Images, Emojis, and Videos in the Email Body

You can make your cold email interactive by adding images, emojis, and videos in the mail body. They catch the reader's eye and attract their interest in your business.

7.     Avoid Making Grammatical or Typing Mistakes 

It is always suggested to proofread your emails before you send them to your potential customers. This helps avoid grammatical and typing mistakes in your emails because if the customer goes through such errors, it looks unprofessional and leaves a wrong impression.

8.     Work on Your Follow-Ups

A gentle follow-up means that you want the customer to respond. It is also proven that response rates for follow-up emails are typically higher than the initial cold email response rates. Follow-up is the way to win. Ensure that your follow-up emails are gentle, not rude or pushy for the customers. Sending 3 to 4 follow-up emails is enough.

9.     Add a CTA Button or a Call-to-Action Button

Adding a CTA, in the end, is like encouraging the recipients to act and respond. CTAs make it easier for them to respond by clicking on the button. So these are great for improving cold email response rates.

10. Include Your Signature in the Email Body

When the prospects see your signatures in the email body, hit the trust factor in them. Your signature proves that you are from a genuine business, not a scammer. Good email signatures should be short and include only the following details:

       Your Full Name

       Your Job Title

       Your Contact Number

       Your Website Address

       The Company Logo


Effective cold email templates are the best way to engage with potential prospects. If all this is done correctly, these efforts will go in the right direction. As we all know, anyone would want to avoid being bombarded with multiple emails, so you need to be specific about your emails to make them get noticed by the client.

After going through the above-mentioned techniques, you can quickly tweak your cold emails and improve your response rates. The main tip here is to make sure your email says the right thing in the right way.  An excellent cold email response rate can be a good return on investment from your cold email marketing campaign.

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