6 Best WooCommerce “Request-a-Quote” Plugins You Must Know in 2022?

Best WooCommerce “Request-a-Quote” Plugins

Not all companies can easily list a price alongside their services. Certain services require a differentiated approach, and the estimated price may depend on many factors. If you are willing to build a woocommerce b2b wholesale store for a company that offers custom services or products, you may be looking for a WordPress Plugin Request a Quote.

For example, you can carry out furniture restoration, remodeling, or painting work, which depends not only on the area but also on previous repairs and other preconditions. And even then, the customer can still have special requirements. Or you are an artist looking for commissions. Their prices may vary depending on the subject, technique, materials, and finished work size.

And if you are a caterer? There is no end to the special diet options requested by your customers, whether for political or religious reasons or simply because they are catering to some very picky eaters. Don’t expect to be able to plan all of this. In these and other special cases, you want to enable your visitors to express their needs and expectations so you can assess their estimated amount.

These are the plugins that help you out in this case; let’s check them out.

1. Ask For A Quote

Ask For A Quote is a free plugin that makes it easier for customers and businesses to communicate. It has two fundamental forms: a request for quotation and a request for information. The plugin is designed to minimize conflicts with your theme and is generally easy to use. Request a Quote comes with a setup wizard that automatically creates contacts and requests form pages.

Your clients can use these forms to upload files, such as photos or blueprints, so you can easily assess the type and amount of work required. Both forms are easily customizable, as are the notification emails, which work for both the customer and the company.

The plugin also has a Pro version with additional useful features like search forms, quotation categories, and spam protection requests.

2. Request YITH WooCommerce Quote

YITH WooCommerce Request Quote’s free version removes the pricing and Add to Cart button from your WooCommerce products and replaces them with a Request a Quote button. It also allows you to send custom emails to your customers once they request a quote from you. The plugin only works with a WooCommerce e-shop.

The Plugins Premium version has more interesting functions, and extensive customization options are the fewest. Users can accept or reject your Offer directly from the notification email, set an expiration date for your offer fixed, and much more. You can choose to hide the product price anywhere in your WooCommerce e-shop and only accept requests for quotation, manage them as WooCommerce orders.

3. Quote for WooCommerce Lite

Quote for WooCommerce Lite is a premium plugin designed to be used with your WooCommerce e-store. Easily create rules for the quote button to be displayed for selected user roles, products, and categories. If you want to hide prices and replace the Add to Cart button with the Offer button, the plugin supports that too, allowing you to sell large quantities at low prices, for example, or charge more for a shorter delivery time.

The plugin also includes advanced features such as adding multiple products to a quote at the same time, moving quote products to the cart, providing submission redirection, and more.

4. WPForms

WPForms is a premium contact form plugin, but it includes a request for proposal form among its many built-in form templates. It’s ready to use right out of the box and works as well as it does, but you can go a little further. The plugin’s drag-and-drop interface makes adding and changing fields easy as needed. Additionally, the plugin has conditional logic functionality that allows you to create branching forms and guide your customers through the RFPs and possibly other options for your goods.

It might not be worth buying a premium plugin for just a single form, even if it works, but we highly recommend using this Request for Proposal plugin if you’re already using it for your contact or other forms.

5. Impressive forms

Another general premium form plugin, Impressive Forms, comes with a range of adaptable templates and advanced features. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that enables you to create a simple request for proposal form, but its capabilities go way beyond that. You can add price fields, calculators, and advanced math functions, making it a good choice if you want to offer different pricing plans based on units of volume or measurement.

Would you like to discount your interpreting services if you are busy all day? Charging more for maintaining multiple tiny gardens than a simple lawn? Can you offer a discount when a buyer is willing to buy your entire inventory of a perishable product? It’s easier than you think with Formidable Forms’ calculator functions.

6. Contact form 7

Contact Form 7 is a free contact form plugin that, with some work, can be used to create a request for quotation form. Creating a form is easy, and it takes a bit of work to make it work as a quote request form. And a complete RFQ solution requires a little more work and two add-ons.

With Invoicing, you add a payment method to your website, and its Quotes add-on lets you create quotes and estimates and send them to your customers. Once accepted, you can convert your quotes into instant payable invoices and accept payments through PayPal and other supported gateways.


That concludes our list of Request-a-Quote plugins for WordPress. You may be wondering which one is right for you. That depends on what you’re already working with. A premium form plugin like Formidable Forms or WPForms can be used to create a proposal request form, but paying a premium price just for a proposal request form might be a bit much. If you already use one of these premium plugins for another purpose, you can take advantage of their advanced offering features at no extra cost.

If you’re looking for a free solution, try Quote for WooCommerce Lite (with add-ons). Finally, if you run an e-shop powered by WooCommerce, maybe a plugin is specifically designed to be right for you. Either way, premium or free, barebones or with bells and whistles, the plugin you want is somewhere on this list.

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