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A start-up always looks for ways that provide them with exposure and more audience. An explainer video is one of such ways that can give tremendous success to start-ups.

This is not only a concept but the statistics have also shown how an explainer video is effective for startups. 72% of the audience prefer video over text to learn about a service or product and more than 81% have said that video has made them buy more than any other medium.

The main reason that makes the explainer video such a huge hit is that it connects the audience on an emotional level than reading text which makes them buy the product.

Further, the video provides them with visuals and imagery presentation that really help them understand the product or service which makes them trust you even more.

Explainer videos also provide startups with diversity in how they want to show or explain their content. Whether you are giving them a detailed video or you are giving them an overview of your service or product.

One interesting fact that will show why videos are more successful than text or other advertisement mediums for startups. The national center for biotechnology information has found from one study that the Brain remembers 68% more information when auditory and visual senses are both stimulated.

How to Make an Explainer Video for a Start-up?

An explainer video is an effective and productive way for presenting the concept of your business or start-up. Now, the important thing is how you make the explainer video for your start-up because it is a point on which everything depends. When you decide to make an explainer video there are usually three ways for you to choose from:

  • You can make the video all by yourself with the help of DIY tools and apps.
  • Hire an in-house videographer to make all the content for your explainer video.
  • Hire an explainer video company to handle all the work for you.

All the above options are able to get the work down for your however they will differ in their cost production and also the characteristics that each one of them has. Here is the typical explainer video production process:

1. The first step includes researching and gathering preliminary information so that you can understand how to explain your concept in the best way, find the target audience, and many more.

Also, it is the step in which you address the question of how much does an explainer video cost? As for starting the production on the video you first have to fix a budget.

2. Then, the most important step of the explainer video comes next in line which is scriptwriting. It is the heart and soul of the explainer video and also the deciding factor of whether your video will be a hit or not for your start-up.

The best way to write the script is to focus on what you are trying to explain to the audience and then write down every idea that comes into your mind. Lastly, edit the script so that you can get a focused and authentic script.

3. Next comes the storyboard, in which you put a series of illustrations that will provide you with the first glimpse into the visuals of your video. In this step, you will be able to see the shoe coming together. You can give your initial feedback as well to make any change or not.

4. Now, the voice-over and music selection needs to be made because it is a significant element of the explainer video. You can hire professional voiceovers as they provide you with the best and most engaging content. For music, you can access various music websites that will provide you with the best options and also the ones that are copyright-free

5. Animation production is a step that recently has been added in the explainer video production as it shows tremendous success and the audience just loves it. So, it is crucial for you to add animations to your video.

You can do it by yourself through animation tools or hire a professional to do it.

6. The last step is all about editing the finalized explainer video so that if there is any flaw or error you can edit that out. And then the video is ready to start getting posted and advertised.

Important Explainer Video Tips for Start-Up

There are always some elements that separate a great explainer video from a mediocre one. The extra effort that peoples put into their explainer video is the reason that makes them stand out and earn a great response.

Here is a list of critical tips that will help you to give that extra shine and effort to your explainer video:

  • It is important for you to keep the explainer video fun, lighthearted, and easy to understand particularly when you are making the video on complicated topics.
  • The most critical part of an explainer video is its script. So, your main focus should be the script, spend time brainstorming, try to tell a story, create some emotion and be direct towards the audience.
  • Make the video short and precise as people will be more into a 60-second explainer video than a 2-minute video.
  • Incorporate professional voiceovers as they will provide you with professionalism as they know how to portray the script and how to engage with the audience.
  • Keep the motivation of education over sales for your explainer video. People do not like being sold to and more overly, explainer videos are about explaining your concept not selling.
  • Show the benefits and image of your product so that the audience resonates to buy it.
  • Include music in your video as it is one of the most powerful parts of the explainer video. It can cause a huge increase in people’s engagement with the video as it creates a connection with them.

Benefits of an Explainer Video for a Start-Up

An explainer video is a must-have when it comes to start-ups. It helps you to connect and communicate with your audience which is the key point of running a successful startup. There are two most important benefits that an explainer video provides for a startup which are:

1. It helps you to connect with the audience on an emotional level which is not possible with any other medium. By having an emotional connection, the audience tends to use your product or service again and again which is a huge profit for your start-up.

2. It provides you with the opportunity to explain and portray our concept to the audience in the best possible way. You can use sound, voice-over, animation, visualization, and a good script that defines your concept in the most detailed and accurate manner.

To Recapitulate

An explainer video is a revolutionary medium for the digital community. It has the power to connect and engage millions of people on one single concept. For a startup, having an explainer video is the optimal way to connect with the audience for networking as well as marketing.

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