MilesWeb’s Windows Shared Hosting Reviews: Is It Right for You?

MilesWeb's Windows Shared Hosting Reviews

Most website users use Linux OS
hosting servers to host different websites. After all, Linux seems convenient
for them to access and host websites. In Linux, different websites should be
compatible with Debian, Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu operating systems. If it is
so, then get the best shared hosting plans that are
accessible with Linux operating systems.

However, not all websites are accessible
with the Linux OS. There are some of them ASP.NET-based sites required Windows
OS hosting plans. Buy best Windows web hosting packages
for all kinds of Windows compatible websites and it can be an ideal solution
for you. Now, if you approach web hosting providers with the same request, they
will offer you different web hosting services like dedicated, shared, VPS, and
many more.

What’s your thought if you want to be
shared hosting plans for Windows-compatible websites? Do you think it is the
right choice for your sites? In this blog post, we have covered this answer
briefly. Let us discuss briefly whether it is the right choice or not?

Should I Prefer Windows or Linux hosting?

We all know that Windows OS is the most
popular operating system for PCs. That is why many computer users are using
Windows OS and managing their all computing tasks. But we are talking about
hosting operations. Most hosting account users prefer Linux OS because it is
open-source and free and the majority of website software supports Linux
operating systems. Suppose, you are building websites on CMS (Content
Management System) applications like Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. the Linux OS
hosting is important for you. 

Let us share with you another example of
WordPress. WordPress is the leading CMS that helps users in developing sites
within a few clicks. Majority of the WordPress users prefer Linux hosting
because there is plenty of technical assistance available for WordPress-Linux

Now, what about the Windows hosting plans?
Aren’t they reliable or helpful for users? It is helpful if your website
leverages the Windows framework for development. It means your websites should
have the .NET framework, ASP, or ASP.NET-based applications. Then, your sites
are ready to host on Windows servers. Moreover, if you are building websites
using Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Access or MS SQL Windows hosting plans
are reliable for you.

Is Windows Shared Hosting Right for You?

Don’t make presumptions that windows
hosting is similar to accessing Windows OS on computers. Your home computers
and servers are different. When it comes to website hosting, users need to
choose one operating system. either Linux or Windows. 

MilesWeb is the leading shared hosting
provider offering reliable Linux and Windows shared hosting services.  Both their shared hosting plans are
configured with managed server support and control panels. So, create your
website and let the management part be at web hosting companies. Some website
software will only work with Linux and another has Windows and while there are,
like WordPress, which can work on both operating systems. Hence, you should go
for MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans.

Remember that the shared hosting plans are
affordable because one server is hosting multiple websites of different web
hosting account users. Therefore, server resources (CPU, RAM, and SSDs) are
shared among different hosting account users.

What Things I Should Look for in Windows Hosting Plans?

While every website will have its
requirements, there are some things to look for in your Windows shared hosting
plans. The priority in this list is to use Windows features, such as support
for and .NET core, as well as the ability to create an MSSQL database
and import and export data. For anyone who wants to use WordPress with a
Windows server, it is also important that the package allows you to use
applications based on PHP & MySQL.

For ease of use, check out the Windows
shared hosting plan that is configured with, an easy-to-use control panel to
manage your hosting and website, for instance, by providing you with a 1-click
installation. A hosting provider like MilesWeb offers managed Windows shared
hosting plan with a control panel, optimized WordPress, and a good database to
store websites’ data.

Is MilesWeb the Good Windows Shared Hosting Partner?

MilesWeb is ruling the web hosting sector
in India for 10 years. Their Windows shared hosting plans are reliable and
support different Windows framework sites. Get unlimited bandwidth, 1-Click
installer and the control panel (Plesk), and multiple email accounts.
Therefore, we can say that MilesWeb is a reliable Windows shared hosting
provider. Their first plan (W-Solo) will cost you around $1.50 per month.

Final Thoughts

MilesWeb’s Windows shared hosting plans are
affordable and good hosting options for Windows users. They will get 24×7 tech
support and all relevant hosting configurations to host Windows framework
sites. They are affordable and many clients worldwide use their plans.

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