8 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic

One fine morning you get up and feel surprised to catch your search traffic doubled! It is the dream of thousands and millions of marketers. But how do you achieve that? SEO is the answer. 50% of website traffic commences with search queries. It makes search engine optimization extremely crucial. However, when you want to keep your website on top of search engine optimization, you will need a lot of experimentation. The algorithms of Google keep on changing, which is why you must stay attuned to the latest SEO techniques. Though today’s industry offers you a handful of the best SEO Services Companies, becoming your search engine optimization technique is possible with the techniques.

SEO Techniques That Require Implementation Right Away

If you are thinking about how can I increase my organic SEO, take a look at these crucial and latest SEO techniques as mentioned below:

Improve User Experience Across Your Entire Site

Google, as a search engine, has specific objectives. Its goal is to discover the best results for every user’s query. The inability to do this will lead to users not using the search engine ever again. As Google does this, it is the biggest search engine in the entire globe.

The question of how do I increase Google organic traffic has a straightforward answer. You need to optimize your website for search engine optimization. Low-quality websites will never rank high in SERPs. A slow-loading and outdated website will result in users’ bouncing back to SERPs and clicking on other results. So not only do you lose a user but a potential conversion as well. The aim is to carry the lowest bounce rates and better rankings.

Optimize for Voice Search

Currently, 25% of adults in the USA own a smart speaker, and the number is likely to hit 55% by the year 2022. So when you have eyes on the latest SEO techniques, you must factor in voice search into the SEO strategy. Not just this, but take a look at some more exciting voice search statistics.

  • 2 in 5 adults utilize voice search regularly.
  • Voice commerce sales hit $1.8 billion in the previous year and will mount by $50 billion by 2022.
  • 75% of individuals who possess voice-activated speakers have stated that they use these as a portion of their ongoing routines.
  • 30% of people belonging to age 16 to 24 utilize voice search on their Smartphones.

Design for Mobile First

There is no disbelief about how popular voice search is becoming every day. But in the context of conversions, this tool does not hold much importance. Still, we do not know what the future holds. Voice search may or might not be crucial to e-commerce marketers in the upcoming times. The majority of queries or searches and more than half of all buying take place on the Smartphone these days. So designing for mobile-first is one of the most crucial and latest SEO techniques that you need to apply. Understand the importance of mobile-first with these stats:

80% of smartphone users in the previous six months have purchased online by using a Smartphone device.

85% of shoppers even inside a store use their Smartphones for checking product reviews, comparing prices, etc. So while building your new and thinking is SEO organic traffic, your emphasis must be on the mobile experience. Google has also gone mobile, which means it will be crawling the mobile version of your website.

Focus on Topic Clusters Instead of Keywords

Evolving rapidly, the Google algorithm’s objective is to comprehend the intention of all users. What the users are looking for and what they anticipate are points that you need to focus on. In this space, the featured snippet box has a vital role to play. But there is no guarantee that just by crafting keyword-focused content, it will be possible to make the website appear on Google’s first page. Don’t just look at the keywords but also the context that surrounds them. Keep “user intent” into consideration while creating content and choosing the keywords. So how do you attract organic traffic? It is by applying these latest SEO techniques correctly and at the right time.

Write Longer Content

As per an SEO study, it was found that more extended content can gather more backlinks, and it can result in more traffic and better rankings. But if your blog post is carrying more than 2000 words every time, it might not be that beneficial. It is unnecessary and also time-consuming. Here we need to remember what we learned about user intent. Some people are ready to read long blog posts. The majority of them only need a few words to fulfill their query.

Targeting multiple kinds of search queries in a single post is a huge possibility. Instead of posting an all-inclusive guide blog post, wrap up the blog post in a few bullet points by only listing out don’t and do’s. Amidst the various latest SEO techniques, make sure to remember this point at all times.

Take Advantage of YouTube SEO

Videos are crucial of YouTube and crucial for the businesses of today’s time as well. Videos are a typical attribute in the SERPs. As a social media platform, YouTube bags the second position in terms of popularity. Also, it is the second biggest search engine. Hence, when you are thinking, how do I increase Google organic traffic, you cannot afford to desert these latest SEO techniques.

When you are thinking about search engines, you will miss out on a lot if you forget YouTube. Indeed, everyone cannot get adept to video marketing, and it is not for all industries. But in the current era, full video cameras come handy, and now is the time for experimenting with video marketing.

Create a Diverse Backlink Portfolio

Standing in the year 2021, every SEOer must understand that links are the most critical part of any search engine optimization strategy. But you must realize that quality is essential. You will be inflicting a lot of harm on your website if there are spammy links. The links that you earn via premium quality content will always outreach. Also, the links that you earn through influencer marketing are highly effective. However, easy things never impress Google. Also, you will use free link-building tools to build more authoritative links.

Websites with backlink profiles that comprise high-quality links might Flagg for a manual review. In case you fail due to your website looking clean, you will be in trouble. But this happens very rarely. As websites grow and position links from better websites, these pick up the links from the smaller ones while they are on the way. By this, you are diversifying the link profile, and also, the search engines will find it natural.

Never Overlook Technical SEO

Even after getting everything right, are you finding your underperforming website? It can mainly happen if your website is not technically efficient. So keep an eye on these latest SEO techniques to never let any obstacle come between your business and growth. The things that you must know about technical SEO are:

  • Enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages for Mobile: AMP was initially an open initiative that Google-backed and enabled publishers to quickly craft mobile-optimized and responsive content. Here it is essential to learn the difference that lies between mobile-friendly and AMP pages. A responsive page is a similar page to a website that is presented in a diverse layout. All the pages are showcased as per the device from which users are accessing them. On the contrary, AMP pages are presented to the user from the Google AMP cache. These carry a distinct URL.
  • The Whole Website Must Load on HTTPS: A significant ranking factor is HTTPS. When your website is not secure or carries mixed security, ranking on the first page of Google will be a real challenge. In today’s digital world, a secure website is highly essential. When users visit non-HTTPS websites, they alert users too. It is paramount that you right away switch to encrypted and secure connections. By doing this, you will always get hands-on with the right set of target audiences who wish to visit your website.

The best practice that you must implement is using HTTPS. Not only can the website boost the SEO presence with this, but it will also stay secure. Malicious parties can then never invade. The process will be more hassle-free if your organization is a smaller one. In this world, where we get to know about cybersecurity threats now and then, HTTPS is necessary. Also, this is necessary to be at par with heightened SEO requisites.

Final Say

Search engine optimization is quickly evolving. As a marketer or business owner, you need to adapt at all times. Offer your website the edge it deserves by implementing these latest SEO techniques, as discussed in this blog. Other than that, ensure to allot time on the basics of concrete content creation. Educate yourself about all top technology trends and the effect of elements like schema, backlinks, and site speed. Don’t forget to get in touch with the best SEO services company to understand SEO fundamentals; you need expert assistance.

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