5 Best ways to increase Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a key matrix that is developed by MOZ to determine the ranking prediction. The DA score is measured on the basis of how many quality backlinks the website has from trustworthy other domains in a similar category. Note that Google or other search engines are not using these metrics to rank a site. There is a number of key factors that are developed from years to provide the best search result and MOZ’s DA is very accurate and with time it developed more efficiently. MOZ 2.0 that is recently launched has a more refined version of it and it strengthens these important metrics. 

MOZ Domain Authority

So here are some ways which help you to increase Domain Authority:

Domain Name: Yes, domain name. It helps search engine to differentiate what this domain is all about and how relevant the content this website provides. From the user perspective easy to remember domain names have more value and age of the domain is also matters, however, some SEO professionals don't consider this as a ranking factor but they believe it is another signal to search engines and it might help.

Build High-Quality Backlinks: Quality backlinks are like a prominent sign for search engines that show the content is linked with other similar kinds of content. Quality and relevant backlinks are only valuable if they are highly relevant to the same niche and it can help your site to stay ranked higher than your competitors.

On Page Optimization: On page optimization helps search engine to properly understand the relevancy of the content with respect meta tags, image optimization and as obvious well-formatted content using heading tags. It helps Googlebot (Web Crawlers)to understand the overall picture of your content.

Create Link Worthy Content: Content is always matters, well-written content is also appreciated by the end-user and search engines. Engaging and trustworthy content increases the ranking ability and other websites are also looking for such content to link with it to take benefit of link juice.

Internal linking: Most of the websites don't use this essential feature. Internal link structure is very important for well-structured content because web crawlers move link to link and this helps search spiders to follow up all the content via a link.

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