Linux certifications

Are Linux certifications worth it? (Benefits, Cost, Comparison)

Linux certifications are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more businesses rely on Linux-based systems and applications. However, there is some debate about whether they are worth the cost and time investment. Here are some statistics about Linux certifications that may help you decide: What are Linux certifications? Linux certifications are professional credentials that validate…

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What is FlexNet Publisher Licensing and How Does It Work?

Source Software licensing management has become increasingly important for software vendors in recent years. Software licensing management solutions help software vendors manage their licenses effectively, protecting their intellectual property and maximizing revenue. One popular software licensing management solution is Flexnet publisher (FNP), developed by Flexera, a leading software company. This blog will explore what FNP…

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Quality Control (QC) in Software Development

Quality control (QC) is a critical process in software development that ensures the highest product reliability and quality standards. Quality control involves a set of steps to identify errors, bugs, or other issues that might prevent the desired results from being achieved. It also involves testing software code and ensuring it meets specifications and requirements…

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