How to Create a High-Quality Content on Your Blog for Free

How to Create a High-Quality Content on Your Blog for Free

Marketing through blogging is probably the most cost-effective way to put your content out there to bring awareness and engagement from the audience. But in this content-driven platform, ordinary content will not be enough to make a stand because what will gain readers turned potential followings is good quality content that the audience can assess if creatively and thoughtfully created.  And so, to develop one, creators must know to separate good quality content from the typical ones.

What is good content?

You will know that a posted content is good enough if it works in touching two distinct dimensions of assisting the readers, to get informed, and at the same time having the goal to make the content go viral. More than the overall visual presentation, its depth and the importance and usefulness of the message it wants to deliver are also the main characteristics of good quality content.

Step-by-Step guides in creating a high-quality content

Creating high-quality content will never be a walk in the park because, even though no financial resources are needed, an extensive investment of time and creative thinking are always the foundation of successful content. Below are the step-by-step guides to help you create high-quality content to lead your way in producing a viral blog post.

1. Conduct thorough research about your topic

Everything about your blog post will start with the topic you will discuss. Yes, you might already have some good ideas in mind, but you need to back up everything with facts and further enhance them with additional necessary insights. Study everything in detail and never miss any point that the readers might see as questionable loopholes. Talking to experts can also be a wise move concerning topics you are not familiar with as it can also assist in providing a different and better approach.

Always be mindful of the platform and the niche you are trying to enter. Keywords are the number one factor to consider when it comes to the blog post. Be one step ahead of the millions of contents all over the internet by researching and using keywords with high search volume but with low competition. 

2. Study your target audience

The audience is the main reason content is everywhere on the platform. Aside from investing your time searching for the topics to show your audience, content creators should also capitalize on studying their audience demographics and the other underlying elements that explain their behavior for engagement.  

Understanding your target audience also includes finding the best way to provide and add value to them. You should know them first before they will know and follow your content. Consider different approaches and topics that they will find valuable for them. You don’t necessarily need to have a personal take but focus on providing general knowledge and solutions to the common questions.  Educate your readers and give them a worthwhile reading experience. By sticking to this manner, you know that you are providing high-quality content.

3. Create a click-worthy title followed by a captivating intro

Even how good a blog post is but if the title and the introduction will not grab the reader’s attention, then there’s no way the content can live up to its purpose. Quality content provides an overall experience to the readers, starting from the introduction until the last word of the blog. Make the audience curious and relate about the title that will allow them to read the introduction and the rest of the content.

Click-worthy titles are usually in the form of acknowledging and giving a solution to a problem. Intriguing headlines that will make the readers wonder and will be hard to ignore. The introduction should be a preview of how the overall content will be, make it impressive and engaging right from the first word. 

4. Organize information through an outline and then write a remarkable content

The goal of every content is to give information to the audience, but sometimes creators tend to deal with a massive amount of data that they might have a hard time organizing and at the same time explaining to the readers. The main reason readers find a blog post boring and unworthy of their time. So, to avoid this, pieces of information must be arranged by building an outline to tackle every subject matter as necessary in their appropriate order. And make sure that it is flexible for any changes that need to be applied and the call for the alteration in writing style.

Now that there is a proper outline to act as a guide, writing great content will now be easy to do since you already have a path to follow align with the goal you want the content to achieve. Always create the best possible high-quality content. Content that is rich in detail and value to become a powerful written weapon to outrank the competition.

5. Make your content short yet very informative

Quality does not always equate to a greater quantity because, in content writing, what will retain to the reader’s memory are short yet informative blogs. There are many types of content but a straightforward one that can make them want more and look forward to the upcoming content is the most effective. But in cases that there is too much information to tackle, create images for your content can be the best alternative. Because it is not always necessary that you provide information using words but also through creative visuals.

Set boundaries and limit the issues you want to discuss. Do not overfeed readers information that they will not need but only with the data that they are looking for and want an answer. Try to be as concise as possible but not to the point that you will sacrifice the quality of your content and the message your content needs to deliver. 

6. Proofread your content

For the finishing touch, proofreading is the best way to ensure that everything in your content is in order. Of course, no writer should post their content out there without checking if the grammar and formatting are on point. The online audiences are the most conscious readers on the platform. You would not want to be on their wrong side, as they are very particular to identify properly written content from something created only for the sake of having content to be posted.

Don’t forget that the editing process is also a vital element of blogging. Content-wise, the topics and how they turned into a well-written piece are the most crucial in blogging. But proofreading is the final validation that writers attaining quality content should not overlook.

7. Post your content and promote it

And for the final step is posting and promoting your content for the audience to read and appreciate. Let your content be discovered, and try every best available channel to get your words out there. You may not be aware, but content marketing is also as important as the content itself. There is no way the audience will ask for your content because it’s your responsibility to give it to them.

Whatever type of good quality content you have, it should always back up by a great content marketing strategy. Social media platforms are always the go-to channel when it comes to promoting your content, in addition to email marketing, paid ads, and a shout-out from an influencer. Good quality content is like your valuable creation that by the time you let the online world see it, it will get the appreciation and following it deserves.

10 Sites to obtain free blog content for your website

There are many ways to create or acquire content for a blog, but sometimes you will just run out of ideas to produce good quality content to post. That is why you will need the below-listed sites to assist you in giving your audience helpful and relevant information.

1. Article

Article Generator is a free online writing tool created to assist anyone who needs new and good quality content that caters to different purposes, including websites, blogs, and even schoolwork. In few seconds, just by putting the necessary keywords, it can automatically and effortlessly provide fresh and valuable content to help a website increase its ranking on search engines. It is also known as a good place for article rewriting and content available in different languages.


From articles, content to the most extensive database of free web feeds from quality registered authors and contributors, Amazines is the ultimate online platform for publishers to submit and use those available high-quality data. There are immense categories to choose from, up-to-date information relevant to any topic a writer intends to create. Amazines also offer easy-to-integrate code perfect for any website and allow modifying feed as the need arises.


For those concepts you have in mind that need reliable support to bring life and quality to your ideas, Free Article Spinner is the free online tool that can assist you in rephrasing words to paraphrasing a whole article. Delivering a steady stream of unique, legible, and helpful material to a website has been the main objective of this platform to help creators become more efficient and focus on other marketing efforts that matter.

4. Hemingway Editor

To act as the best proofreader to any written content, Hemingway Editor is an online tool to highlight any writing problems that are too complicated and long for the readers to read. It highly emphasizes producing bold and coherent content through straightforward and error-free sentences. There is also a summary of information to track your correction progress and the readability of the content.

5. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator is a high-powered tool that will surely deliver when you run out of ideas and topics to provide the readers not just for a single post but for a week worth of titles. All you need to do is input three different keywords, and then the tool will automatically generate valuable ideas out of those. And in case the first given topic doesn’t pass the quality you need, you can always hit the “try again” button to gain more engaging topics. 

6. Removal.AI

To create images for your content that will empower your blog post, you will need a visualization tool to bring interactive and responsive content to your readers. Removal.AI is an automatic image background remover and photo editing tool used to create unique visuals that you can easily design with ease in minutes. 

7. PostJoint

This online stage features a collaboration between bloggers and marketers to share quality content where marketers will produce blogs that bloggers will publish. PostJoint is a two-way platform for the marketers to reach a new audience and the bloggers to constantly have fresh content. To deal arrangements are also fast and secure for marketers to enjoy efficient content marketing and the bloggers to grow and monetize.

8. SEOPressor

SEOPressor is another reliable free blog content generator tool to get an unlimited and click-worthy title and topics. It is also a keywords-based search engine that provides relevant and latest results. You’ll find a wide range of compelling headlines here that will appeal to your readers’ needs and would help increase your website conversion.

9. Ubersuggest

The main characteristics of good quality content are to continuously deliver the information your target audience is looking for and maintaining the topic in whatever blog you will post. Ubersuggest not only helps you achieve that but also assists you in winning the game of SEO. It will enable you to obtain insight into the techniques that had worked for others so that you may develop and gain a competitive advantage.


Wordsmith is a higher-tech tool that produces material that is nearly human-quality. And also a well-known self-service natural language generation platform powered by API for flexible publishing. It offers an unparalleled speed and scale in turning ideas into an actionable narrative that can make every blogger become their own data expert.


Blogging is a continuous commitment to giving the audience unconventional and unique content. The initial phase will not be tricky, but it can be exhausting to always come up with fresh and engaging blog topics along the way.  So the assistance of reliable sources is greatly needed, so you will no longer need to generate valuable content all by yourself.

Yes, it has become more challenging for every content to get recognized as there is a noticeable increase in the audience demand and even the platform itself. But everything is attainable if creativeness and resourcefulness go hand and hand. And if properly executed, you’ll feel like you’re beating the system by producing high-quality free material using less effort.

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