20+ Blogs That Pay for Guest Posts

Blogs That Pay for Guest Posts

In the initial years of freelancing, a content writer faces multiple hurdles. Freelancers who do not have the experience or portfolio to back them up can find it difficult to attract clients. In such times, guest posting can work magically well for content writers.

Guest posts generally serve as an avenue to get the author’s name published in the by-lines. This can build trust and authenticity for freelance content writers while building the platform needed to showcase their capabilities. That said, a full-time freelancers cannot survive just by getting their names published. No content writer can simply go on forever without getting paid.

Hence, it is necessary for freelancers to write for blogs that pay for guest posts. This will not only give you a sense of recognition but also help to build an income stream. 

We have done the hard work for you and created a comprehensive list of blogs that pay writersIf you are struggling to make a regular income as a freelance content writer, then go through this list and make the best of it.

More Than 20 Blogs That Pay You To Write

1. TPG or The Points Guy: a travel website that keeps travelers updated with aviation news, guides, reviews, travel advice, deal alerts, and so on. They pay as high as $300 for a guest post worth 1000 words. If you are prolific in the travel niche, then this can indeed be a golden opportunity for you.

2. Tales from the Banana Trail: targets all the ardent explorers out there. This website publishes real-life stories of explorers. And also shares tips, advice, and tools that enable the explorers to accomplish their goals. You can earn as much as $100 for a guest post.

3. Family Story: welcomes personal essays and opinion write-ups regarding different families. You can fetch as high as $100 for a 1200 long guest post.

4. WeAreTeachers: publishes blogs on diverse educational topics related to teacher’s life and educational career options. Kindly review their format, tone, and writing style before you pitch for the work. They, too, pay up to $100 for guest posts of about 500 to 700 words.

5. AVID or Advancement Via Individual Determination: assists educators to guide students regarding college, life, and career. It publishes theme and non-theme-based guest posts. For writing an article worth 500 to 800 words, it can pay you around $100.

6. Pixlr Blog: If you are creative enough and have knowledge about art and craft, designs, patterns etc., then try writing for Pixlr Blog. It publishes topics related to niches such as graphic design, mobile photography, and so on. You can earn $200 or even higher by delivering detailed, intricate, tutorial-style content.

7. Eat Your World: a great option for freelance content writers who have an interest in the food and nutrition genre. This website basically publishes online guides that discuss the regional drinks and cuisines across the globe. Writing an original blog for their website can get you $25 to $40. Deliver an engaging destination guide and accommodate a few high-definition photos, and you can get as much as $500 in return.

8. NurseGuidance.com: publishes helpful blogs and articles with nurses as the target audience. You can write blog posts starting from 400 words and up to 1200 words. The payment can go as high as $100.

9. Your Online Biz: publishes trending blogs and teaches the target audience about earning money online. The topics involve lead generation, online marketing, and so on. A great option if you are writing for someone such as a marketing consultant. It pays writers up to $100 for every blog post.

10. PTDC.com: ideal for fitness enthusiasts. It publishes How-to blogs for all fitness professionals in general. Mail your pitch to PTDC.com if you have adequate knowledge in the fitness niche. You need to write guest posts worth 500 to 1500 words. You will be paid $100 if it accepts and publishes your blogs.

11. Argo Swim Video: as the name suggests, this is a blog intended for swimmers and swim coaches. Get paid $100 for a guest post of up to 1000 words.

12. Credium: a coming-of-age platform that discusses trading bots and their specialization in crypto assets. They require lengthy, detailed, and evergreen content for their website. For a 4000 words guest post, you will get up to $250.

13. The Freshbooks Blog: If you can write informational guest posts regarding taxes, accounting, financial essentials, etc. then this website is perfect for your niche. Get paid up to $200 for every blog post.

14. Elite Personal Finance: Write guest posts of up to 1500 to 3000 words related to loans, credit cards, personal finance, etc. and earn as much as $100.

15. Immersion Magazine: An innovative platform that offers ample opportunities for emerging artists, it offers up to $100 for a long article of around eight pages.

16. ZEAL: This blog accepts posts related to pop culture, comics, and games. If you can write “revisionist fan-fiction”, then go ahead and make up to $100 to $200 for every comic.

17. UBER DRIVER Things: The target audience of this website are the Uber and LYFT drivers. If you have experience in the driving field and can curate rideshare tips and hacks, opportunities, etc. then grab the opportunity now.

18. Go East: publishes blogs related to mountain sports in the USA. You can earn as much as $100 in the form of cash gift cards by writing relevant blogs.

19. Baby and You: Write engaging and informative guest posts related to feasible ovulation and pregnancy tests, and fertility issues, and advice, and earn up to $100 per post.

20. On Parenting: If you can share parenting blogs with a unique perspective, then they may accept your posts. For a 1200 words long guest post, they pay about $300.

21. SoulTown USA: a unique website that publishes posts regarding black culture in an American city. If you are comfortable with writing about topics such as “travelers find black culture and joy in the USA”, then you should mail your pitch to the publisher. They pay around $100 for a blog post of 1500 to 2000 words.


Now that you have a detailed list of 21 blogs that pay writersyou can simply research their requirements, topics, and tonality, then approach the publishers for work. Once they respond positively to your pitch, start writing paid guest posts and earn money with ease.

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