How to Get More Connections on LinkedIn [FAST]?

How to Get More Connections on LinkedIn

According to Oberlo, there are around 740 million people in the world today that is presently using
LinkedIn. Its success has been nothing short of remarkable since its inception in 2003. This platform has seen rapid growth in a very short time, and it is sort of a huge accomplishment.

Heard enough about LinkedIn? Now coming to the main point – “How to get more connections on LinkedIn?” Well, a lot of people often browse through the internet in the hope of getting a clear answer
to it!

Let us now move on ahead and have a look at what we have for you!!!

Seeing today’s era and the amount of awareness in people regarding social media, we will say that you are missing out if you have no presence on LinkedIn.

You are actually lazy and ignorant about your career and professional goals. Apologies if that hurt you, but it is true!

But as they say, better late than never! And, hence we assure you that you are at the right place to help make the best out of all the time you missed out on LinkedIn.

In this article, we will give you a detailed explanation of how to grow a LinkedIn network. You can also download your network from your SmartMoneyMatch account and import to LinkedIn. Make sure that you stay glued till the end! When it comes to increasing high-quality LinkedIn connections easily, here are eight techniques that have worked for many of us.

1. Take the Help of LinkedIn Groups To Connect

Joining and participating in different groups on LinkedIn allows you to meet new people (and ultimately make their connections) and learn and exchange useful information. It’s not enough to simply enter a group; it’s also essential to actively engage in it. This necessarily requires attention and careful selection.

The question is, how many groups to join? Can I go for 10? Before deciding, make sure that you have enough time to interact with these groups and show your active participation. Select five groups related to your business and five related to your other preferences or enable you to learn from the group’s members.

2. Network Every Day

The next most important approach for all those who wonder about how to get LinkedIn connectionis – networking almost every day. If you’re having trouble growing your LinkedIn network, it’s possible that you’re not investing sufficient time on the platform. You have to use the social media platform often if you’d like to become an expert. So set aside at least 30 minutes a day to network on LinkedIn to reach 500+ connections.

3. Personalize Your ‘Connect’ Request

Sending a very common ‘connect’ request to an individual makes you seem boring and disinterested. Hence, always try and send customized connect requests so that the other person feels happy to have you as their connection. Not just this, the personalized requests can also begin a conversation between both of you, which can reap your benefits.

Also, let us warn you that many people will ignore your requests if they are sent plainly. This is why it’s crucial to have a brief message that refreshes the recipient’s memories of you, references a shared interest or relation, or clearly introduces yourself and your purpose for connecting. Your note should be as private as possible.

4. Add Keywords to Your Profile

Keywords are a solution for you if you are wondering how to get more LinkedIn connections. Just the way Google, Bing, and Yahoo focus on keywords, LinkedIn also can help you get found with keywords. These keywords should be included in your professional title, description, and skill endorsement segment. What criteria do you use to determine the keywords to use? Consider what you intend to be known for?  What services will you provide to your customers?

Let us take a for example; if your business focuses on website services, remember to use keywords such as SEO or website development. Make sure that you just do not stay at one keyword and rather choose variations. By doing this properly, you will be able to attract your audience.

5. Time Your LinkedIn Posts

The demographic of LinkedIn differs from those of Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Google+; hence, the best times to post content on it are often different. You should schedule the posting of your LinkedIn articles, as they do in the radio industry. The best time to post your content for the corporate sector is between 7 AM to 9 AM or 5 PM to 6 PM. It is when they are mostly active on the platform.

Apart from this, it also matters which days you prefer uploading your posts. Since professionals prefer not to touch their phones for work on weekends, and hence you should also avoid choosing that time to post content.

6. Send Connect Invites to Existing Contacts

To make your network grow properly, insert your email contacts into LinkedIn. This is indeed an easy-to-do activity in terms of building a network of highly related connections. Begin by communicating with people you already know on LinkedIn. You can add your current email addresses from Gmail, Outlook, as well as other platforms.

Go to ‘Connections’ in the top navigation bar and then click ‘Add Connections’ to improve your network via email. Choose an email service provider. LinkedIn will handle the rest. Make sure you don’t choose to give all of your contacts a default invitation to attach when you upload your contacts to LinkedIn.

7. Begin Conversation with Connections

It’s pointless to expand your network if you don’t interact with the people you already are connected with on LinkedIn. By interacting with the existing network, you will see who is involved and who isn’t. According to individuals and algorithms, fake social media followers will harm your brand’s reputation, a problem that many of us go through. To cut a long story short, as you engage with fake accounts, you’re squandering precious marketing funds for lower returns. It is a significant point for those who often wonder how to get 500 LinkedIn connections fast.

8. Track LinkedIn Analytics

Analytics are the sources through which you can know where your profile is heading towards. While LinkedIn views cannot be tracked using Google Analytics or SEMrush, they can be tracked using the site’s internal analytics. We would advise you that exporting these metrics into your spreadsheet or archive and tracking them offline with other social networking and site traffic is a fantastic idea.

9. Post a Video

LinkedIn introduced native video to its website a while after its launch. The algorithm is currently focusing on video content since this function is new. Furthermore, since there isn’t much pressure in the LinkedIn video space yet, you’ll have a much better chance of leaving a lasting impression by providing nice video content to the viewers. Many content marketers have had great success with the feature.

Remember: Keep an eye on the live streaming feature on LinkedIn to begin. This will provide you with another chance to increase the number of followers.

10. Use Long Posts to Inspire Others

This is the most important one. You would have definitely seen these kinds of posts if you signed into LinkedIn in the last six months. These stories go viral regularly because they are long in duration, brief and rhythmic in sentence form, and give out a very motivating message. The thumb rule to follow is, to begin with, a ‘hook’ statement, which is a catchy tagline. Do not write more than 2-3 lines at the beginning. You can write a story of a moment in your career when you made a mistake. What did you take away from your experience? There are chances that many people must have done the same, and
they might interact with you on the post.

11. Republish Articles

It’s fortunate for us that republishing previous work on LinkedIn isn’t objected upon. This method saves you a lot of time and allows you to bring new life into material that would otherwise be dormant. Simply include a link to the original post, a CTA, and a snippet that explains why you’re sharing the piece with your connections on LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is an incredible place for connecting with other people who could become business associates, customers, or even staff. It is indeed a perfect outlet for spreading technical knowledge and appealing to a B2B audience, even though it lacks the flash like other social media platforms.

Working towards growing your LinkedIn network will help you gain greater revenue customers. Even though you have fewer leads, each one will have a significantly better lifetime value than those you get from other places.

Thus, make sure that you follow these tested and tried tips for getting LinkedIn connections implemented by every professional LinkedIn marketing company. Also, the more contacts you make, the less time it takes to expand your network, as more users will start sending you connection requests. If you like to go through some more tips on boosting your social media presence, please contact us via email or phone. 

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