How to increase Customer Satisfaction Survey Response Rate?

We all
know how important customer satisfaction surveys are. Incomplete survey
responses are like paintings never seen or bird songs never heard. Incomplete
surveys are as good as nothing. Therefore it is always the goal to increase the
response rate of customer surveys. As we know, when it comes to Customer survey
response the more the merrier. Like any other metric that depends on
user-submitted response, customer feedback results get more accurate as the
size and response rate increase.

getting enough response rate from your feedback surveys indicates that you are
doing something wrong. Recording feedback can be tricky. The market is filled
customer satisfaction
survey Apps
and customer feedback
to choose from. You can decide what suits you the best and fulfills your
business needs.

Defining Customer satisfaction survey

Defining Customer satisfaction survey

customer satisfaction survey is exactly what the name indicates. A survey is
used to measure the extent to which a customer is satisfied by doing business
with a certain organization. Customer satisfaction surveys are the most
effective means of gaining crucial insight into the customer experience.
Ensuring quality service and a higher return on investment. There are many
types of surveys. Suffice it to say, “if you don’t value your customers then
someone else will”.

What is the survey response rate?

survey response rate is the percentage of people who have completed the survey.
It could lie between 0% to 100%. Though it’s unlikely to land a 100% response
rate, the goal should be to achieve a response rate as high as possible. The
average survey response rate is around 33%. The infographic below shows the
average response rates.

average survey response rate


the above facts in mind, it is critical to raise the survey response rate. Some
of the few reasons why should you work to raise the response rate are:

     A better understanding of
what your customers think and want

     Indication of areas that lack
or need to be addressed.

      Real-time feedback to improve prospects

increasing the survey response rate is not that difficult but you need to focus
on details that matter. In this article, we will discuss all the how’s of this

How to calculate the survey response rate?

the survey response rate is quite easy and simple. The following formula is
used to calculate the response rate.

Response rate = No of people who completed the survey/No of people participated
in the survey x 100.

we hop into how to increase the response rate, let’s discuss what are the
factors that affect the response rate.

Factors Influencing the Response Rate

surveys are affected by many factors. There are many interaction points, which
makes it hard to control every aspect of the process. Some of the common
factors are:


or respondents are the most integral part of the survey. As it is their opinion
that will decide your success rate. Respondents interact the most with the
survey and their responses are the only glue that holds it all together. Some
of the key points that impact a respondents feedback are:

     Simulation behind the

     Involvement of the responder
in the survey

     How you interact with the

     Focus demographic

Composition of the survey

survey itself should be engaging for the customers. When designing a survey you
have to keep certain factors in mind. Some of the most important aspects are:

     The platform used for survey,
whether it’s online, through email, or paper questionnaire survey.

     How easy is the survey to

     The extent of clarity and

     Length, language, and flow of
the survey

Management Panel

other stakeholder in this whole process is the management. They are the ones
conducting the survey and will be analyzing and utilizing the results. How
management influences the survey:

     Brand representation in the

     Making sure the surveys are

     Follow-up emails and letters

     Offering rewards and coupons
for attempting the surveys

How to increase the percentage of the survey response rate?

A low
response rate can be frustrating at times. Let’s discuss in detail how to
amplify the response rate of your surveys.

Using rewards and incentives

and incentives are well-tried time and once more to extend survey participation
– or to place it in our own way, to spice up the chance of survey response and
completion. Many organizations use
survey coupons or rewards for encouraging people to take the
surveys. So place your incentives budget to sensible use with the subsequent

     A small incentive for every
respondent is best than an outsized incentive for many

     Raffles typically manufacture
a lower response rate than a little incentive for every respondent

     Appeal to the {will|the need}
of respondents to feel necessary by explaining however their feedback will
amendment the established order

     Clearly indicate to
respondents, however, can|you’ll|you may} use their feedback and the UN agency will
see it

     Tell respondents why you
selected them for this survey

incentives for survey completion can typically manufacture higher response
rates. These incentive area units typically offered to the primary a hundred
respondents to complete the survey.

Reflecting your Brand Image

Reflecting your Brand Image

One of
the primary things you’d need to begin with is customizing your survey guide to
suit your company’s whole image.

You may
not take into account your surveys as a central part of your promoting
electronic communication, however, they’re to your customers. These emails
represent your whole even as very much like the other interaction. customized
surveys should look and sound like your company, therefore shoppers don’t get
inconsistent experiences after they receive your NPS email in their inboxes.

Add your
business emblem to claim the legitimacy of your survey, then change the colors
and styling that represent your whole. confirm it follows an equivalent idea as
your product and advertisements since most people associate an organization
with their stigmatization colors and magnificence.

Using Smiley Face Surveys

Using Smiley Face Surveys

stimulating surveys are much more engaging than plain text. Consumers have
become increasingly familiar with smiley faces. From the dawn of the internet
age, social media has taken the world by storm. And in this modern-age smileys
or emojis are used as the universal language. So it is always effective to use
lingo that is appealing and friendly for the audience. Therefore, using
smiley face surveys can be a game-changer. This
could be the very thing that separates you from your competitors. One thing to
keep in mind is to stay simple and basic. Don’t go overboard with the survey.
Use smileys that are basic and everyone is familiar with. This way you won’t be
causing any confusion amongst your respondents. And response rate will be high. 

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