Top 6 Fatal Design Mistakes that Will Weaken Your SEO Ranking

Web Design Mistakes that Will Weaken SEO

Are you wondering why your website isn’t getting any traffic despite regularly posting long blogs, video content, and high-quality pictures with relevant hashtags? Well, it must have something to do with the design of your website

Although Google is getting more intelligent by the minute, you still need to feed its system by following the approved webmaster guidelines. Doing this will not only improve your SEO ranking, but it will also ensure a great user experience for your visitor. If you have no idea how to improve your website design, you can tap into Miami website design services to help you. This article will discuss the top ten fatal design mistakes that will weaken your SEO ranking. 

What Design Mistakes Will Weaken Your SEO? 

Bad Website Navigation 

Don’t expect people to stay on your site if your website has poor navigation. Poor navigation can confuse your visitors and scare them away. That’s why you should make it a point to make your website design user-friendly. You can achieve this by using internal links. You want your visitors to know exactly what to do after clicking your site. Having good website navigation will allow Google’s web crawlers to easily read your website and easily boost your SEO ranking. Poor website navigation can render all your site’s content useless. 

Examples of poor website navigation are: 

· Too many navigation bars 

· Unimportant links in the main navigation menu 

· Too many submenus 

· Long text labels 

Slow Loading Website 

People today are always in a rush. No one has the time to wait for a minute, which is especially true for people in the online world. They’re scrolling past a ton of generic headlines at lightning speed and zipping through different social media sites. That’s why you need to make sure that your website and its pages load in three seconds or less. Otherwise, your website’s visitors will be gone before you know it! Ask for help from a Miami website design services to know how to make your website load faster. 

Here are the five factors that can affect your website loading speed: 

· Extensive use of CSS and JavaScript 

· Bad server 

· Hotlinking 

· Too many plugins and widgets 

· Poor coding standards 

Non-Mobile Friendly Website 

Your website should not only look good on all browsers and PC, but it should also be visible on smartphones and tablets. Given the staggering number of people who use smartphones for digital media, there’s no doubt that you should make your site mobile-friendly. Also, Google prioritizes the mobile version of the website for ranking. It loves a responsive design. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, don’t expect it to appear on search engine result pages. 

Here’s a list for making your website mobile-friendly: 

· Eliminate dual website 

· Use a responsive design 

· Use structured data 

· Choose your fonts and button size wisely 

· Embed a viewport meta tag 

· Choose high-quality images 

· Avoid Flash 

Putting Text on Images and Not Optimizing On-page Features 

When done well, text on images can be aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, Google cannot read text on images. It means that search engines will not be able to see your content. So, make sure to avoid putting vital information in the pictures on your website. Instead, use H1 tags. An H1 tag shows the headline of a website. It is the first thing search engines look for to conclude what the site is all about. Not only can H1 tags improve your SEO ranking, but they’re also pleasing to your visitors. 

Here are some tips on how to optimize your H1 tags: 

· Add your primary keyword in your H1 

· Put your H1 in the most visible area visitors see before scrolling. 

· Test your H1; a visitor should be able to tell what your site is about in five seconds. 

Jampacking Your Website with Images and Large Media Files 

High-quality, beautiful pictures and media files can make your website look visually appealing. But it can also slow your website down. Make sure to run your website on Google’s page speed insight test to ensure that the media files you put on your site aren’t affecting its loading speed. 

Annoying Pop-ups 

Pop-ups can convert up to about 1300% more email subscribers. Unfortunately, a lot of visitors find pop-ups annoying. 70% of Americans find irrelevant pop-up ads annoying. So, it would be best if you utilize them correctly. Build pop-ups your visitors will love and make sure they don’t get in their way! 

Tips you should keep in mind when using pop-ups: 

· Relevant content recommendation pop-ups that your visitors may find useful 

· Please make sure your visitors know more detail of what they’re signing up for 

· Make sure your pop-ups only appear once a visitor has spent 30 seconds in your site 

Should You Hire a Professional Website Design Services? 

A bad website design will affect your SEO ranking, which will have a domino effect on your website traffic, leads, and sales. Hire a website design service today to make sure your website ranks no.1 in search engine result pages!

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